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REVIEW - Blue Notes

Blue Notes - Carrie Lofty

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4 Stars


Blue Notes by Carrie Lofty is a sexy and sweet love story for the new adult romance lovers. Set in the historically rich and vivacious city of New Orleans, this novel is about two individuals from completely different worlds finding something profound and special in one another. Will they have the courage to let down their carefully erected barriers and pursue their profound connection?


“The piano is my voice when all others fail.”

Keeley Chambers is a twenty-one year old music student at Tulane, a music prodigy with deep secrets stemming from her tragic upbringing. She was lucky enough to be placed with supportive foster parents but has had to reinvent herself to hide her past. Playing the piano and losing herself in her music is what Keeley knows and understands. She is withdrawn and socially awkward. When she comes face to face with a charismatic playboy, who knew he would be the catalyst to throwing Keeley off her carefully balanced axis.


Jude Villars is part of the New Orleans upper-class elite and has had a lot upon his shoulders since the death of his parents. Taking over his father’s empire was something Jude was not prepared to do so soon in his life but he was left with little choice. He’s had to be ruthless and head-strong to get where he is and to command the respect of his father’s peers. However, maintaining such a stoic and callous façade can get to anyone. Add in a troublesome younger sister who attracts more trouble that she can handle and Jude most definitely has his hands full. When Jude first encounters Keeley she has no idea who he is. Keeley’s ignorance about Jude’s wealth, power and social standing is as refreshing as how flustered he gets the college student. When Jude discovers that Keeley is going to be the college mentor for his younger sister, his interest in her only becomes greater.

“So call it seduction,” he says. “Call it dating. Call it spending as much time together as we can and seeing what happens. All I know is....I want no regrets.” ~Jude

What starts out as seduction and a fragile arrangement soon blossoms into more. But secrets have a way of coming to the surface when one least expects. Can Keeley open up enough and allow Jude to see all of her? What about Jude? Can he allow himself to become vulnerable enough to fall for the beautiful college student who enraptures him with her music and persona?

“You never fail to surprise me, sugar”

“I’m surprising me too.”

Told entirely from Keeley’s point-of-view, Blue Notes is a lovely romance but it is also a story about a young woman who finally finds herself and discovers who she truly is. Keeley has lived her life under the horrible shadow of all that she had to endure until the age of fifteen. She is withdrawn for a reason. Relationships have the power to shatter you, destroy you. She is unwilling to give away that power to anyone. Jude sweeps into her life and she is drawn to his allure and magnetism. The broody billionaire easily pushes his way in, past her walls. It is hard for anyone to stay indifferent to Jude’s intensity, and Keeley was no different. With this being said, Jude did become someone Keeley could depend on and trust but he also became someone who showed Keeley how strong and resilient she truly is. Keeley blossomed from this introverted woman stuck in the past into someone who could stand on her own two feet and embrace who she is. I also loved the relationship that developed between Keeley and Adelaide (Jude’s younger sister) as well. Adelaide was a force to be reckoned with and she played a part in Keeley’s slow transformation. With all this being stated, Keeley was the one who was ultimately responsible for her change. She made mistakes and so did Jude but it all came down to Keeley finding her inner strength and going after what her heart desired.

One thing that this author did unbelievably well was how she portrayed the sexual tension between Jude and Keeley. Let me tell you, this is not an overly erotic book but the sizzling attraction that the pair shared was enough to melt the panties of anyone. Another bonus was the fact that there was no “insta” anything present in this book. In fact, Jude and Keeley start off on the wrong foot. It was nice to see their relationship slowly develop and blossom into something more.

All in all, Blue Notes was a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed. While the plot was interesting and well-paced, I will admit that this book did not grip me as much as I’d hoped. There were times where the writing was a little disjointed and I felt myself going back and having to re-read a particular passage. What came across exceptionally well was Keeley and her fears and struggles. I loved her character. I also really loved Jude. After all, a gorgeous and intensely broody billionaire who calls the object of his affections “sugar” has me standing at attention any day. ;)

“It’s us now, right? Us together.”

“I promise.”


****An advanced readers' copy of Blue Notes by Carrie Lofty was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.