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REVIEW - Wild Ride

Wild Ride - Juliette Jones

4 "Sexy Sexy" Stars


Wild Ride by Juliette Jones was a sexy hot and fun read. Sometimes life leads you where you least expect. But, when you are young and carefree, why not take the bull by the horns and hang on for the ride? After all, you may just find what you are looking for.

Lacey Callihan’s life is going no-where. She is working a dead-end job and living with a boyfriend she should have left long ago due to his insensible and douche-bag ways. On her twenty-first birthday all Lacey wants to do is buy the purse she has been wanting and perhaps take it easy. What she does not expect is to discover her boyfriend has stolen her life savings from her secret hiding place. When Lacey confronts her ass-hat of a boyfriend she is met with some hard knocks....literally. That is the last and final straw. Lacey takes off with the little money she has and a few belongings leaving her boyfriend and her old life behind her and heads to Texas hoping to reconnect with an old friend and stay with her until she can get back on her feet.

Lacey’s plans all come to a halt when her piece-of-shit care breaks down as she passes the state line entering Texas. Stranded and with no one around, Lacey has no choice but to hitchhike hoping that someone will come along to rescue her. When a convertible with two gorgeous cowboys stops for her, Lacey’s luck may just be turning around. Lacey resolves to embrace her new sense of freedom and decides to take advantage of all that Nate and Riley Walker (two cousins) are offering. This is her time to be untroubled and reckless and one night of sensual passion and exploration is definitely something Lacey wants to experience considering she may never see the two cowboys again.

Juliette Jones pulls out the big guns when it comes to the hotness factor in this book. Damn! This book will leave you seeking out two sexy men of your own or leave you having to do the following:


Get me?

All in all, Wild Ride was a quick stand-alone read that left me happily smiling and fanning my girly parts. This is not an overly long book so you have to go in expecting a light-hearted story with minimal drama. You do get a happy ever after ending and a great epilogue wraps things up nicely. If some kinky threesome fun is your thing, give this one a go. *wink, wink*


****A review copy of Wild Ride by Juliette Jones was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.