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REVIEW - Four Years Later

Four Years Later  - Monica  Murphy

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4 Stars!

People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long. ~Johnny Depp


Four Years Later by Monica Murphy is the fourth and final book in her One Week Girlfriend series. This is Owen McGuire’s story, Fable’s younger brother who we have gotten to know and love. Owen is all grown up and it is now his chance at finding love. Two college young adults from opposite ends of the social spectrum. Different goals. Different mindsets. But, when they both give in to their shared sizzling attraction, can they be the one to set the other free?


“Sometimes, I hate that. Growing up, moving on. Being alone. Finding my footing, when all I do is stumble around in the dark. Fuck.” ~Owen

Owen McGuire’s life is in shambles because of his bad choices. His football career, his school grades, his life....all of it is being demolished and is crumbling because Owen can’t seem to get his head out of his own ass and step up his A-game. Smoking weed and having copious amounts of sex with varying partners have become a way of life and Owen is unsure how to stop it, especially since his dead-beat mother is once again in the picture and that is a secret he is trying to keep from his sister and his brother-in-law. Seeing that Owen’s life is spiraling out of control, Fable and Drew step in to save his ass. He is off the football team and his hours at work are going to be cut. Oh....and he is getting a tutor to help him get back on track with his schooling.


“She’s....sweet. All clean, wholesome innocence.”


“Nobody. I’ve always been nobody. Why Can’t I be someone’s somebody?” ~Chelsea

Chelsea Simmons may come across as the brainiac and reserved girl but the fact of the matter is she has not had it easy and has had to work hard to keep herself in school and help out her mom. With a thief for a father who is now serving time in prison, Chelsea is all about focusing on school. The last thing she wants is some guy coming into the picture and messing up her life like her father did to her mother. She is the quintessential good girl who has her life planned out. It may be boring, but at least it is safe. No risks. No chances of getting hurt. That is until Owen McGuire comes into the picture. When she meets the sexy football player at their first tutoring session, Chelsea finds it difficult to keep Owen at arm’s length.

Owen may not want to endure tutoring sessions but the more time he spends with Chelsea, the more he becomes entranced by her goodness and light. She is definitely not the sort of girl that Owen has associated with in the past. As the pair become closer, Chelsea is the one that helps Owen straighten things out and get his grades and life back on track. There is something about her that makes Owen want to try and better, like the kind of guy that she deserves. Simultaneously, Owen becomes the one that helps Chelsea shed the “timid girl” skin. With Owen in her life Chelsea blossoms. She finds her strength and stands up for herself, allowing her life to stop being all about adhering to strict schedules and more about living free and happy. Owen and Chelsea seem to bring out the best in one another but can they survive the turmoil that comes from their secrets coming into the light?

This is a very sweet story. It really is a story about self-discovery and moving on from past hurts and the things that tie you to those hurts. Owen frustrated me at times because of his immaturity and his inability to simply stop making dumb-ass decisions; however, he made the right decisions when push came to shove. After all, we are all young once and making choices that are less than stellar comes with the territory. But, when it all comes down to it, you learn from those mistakes and grow, hopefully finding your way to the person who holds your heart and makes you better.

All in all, Four Years Later was a great final addition to this series. I loved seeing Owen get his happy forever and also loved getting a further glimpse into the life of Drew and Fable. I am a fan of Monica Murphy and am looking forward to whatever else she has in store for her readers.




I really enjoyed this one! My review will be posted here and at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews on March 4th.

****An advanced reading copy of Four Years Later by Monica Murphy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.