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Review - Some Like It Wild by M. Leighton

Some Like It Wild  - M. Leighton

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3.5 "Good Girl Meets Bad Boy" Stars

“Some like it wild, but not me. At least not forever.” ~Laney


Some Like It Wild by M. Leighton is book two in her The Wild Ones series. This was a quick and cute read. The quintessential good girl gets involved with the town bad boy. Can the sweet-natured preacher’s daughter help our sexy bad boy realize just how much he is missing out on when you close your heart off to love? How far will she go to prove he is worthy of her love?


Laney Holt is the town preacher’s daughter and not one to take risks and live recklessly. Laney is a rule follower. She is sweet and embodies all that is considered to be a good girl. Laney wants nothing more than to find Mr. Perfect, fall in love and start a family. That is her version of a happy forever. Simple yet perfect for her. When things come crashing down between her and her longtime boyfriend ripping her safely defined life apart, Laney decides to go back to her small town. She takes on a job sending her back home and right into the path of the resident bad boy, someone she shared a kiss with four years earlier.


Jake Theopolis does not exactly have a stellar reputation with the town folk, some of it he earned. He lives life in the moment, looking for the next rush and never really forming any real connections with anyone. His sister, Jenna, is as close as he’ll come to actually loving someone. Jake is back in Greenfield to deal with his family’s estate and the peach orchard his parents owned. When the law firm dealing with the estate sends a paralegal to take inventory, Jake is pleasantly surprised when it turns out to be a prim and proper girl he remembers. Suddenly being back home does not seem so bad and Jake makes it his mission to ruffle the feathers of the reserved preacher’s daughter. He plans to teach her to let loose and walk on the wild side....and hopefully get some sex out of the deal.

“Because I’ve got a thing for forbidden fruit, Laney Holt. Consider yourself warned.” ~Jake

Jake has no interest in long-term relationships. Laney has been burned by love and is not looking to jump into anything too soon. Jake is everything that Laney has been taught to stay away from but she wants to break free from her mediocre and safe life. As the pair get to know one another and the flirty banter begins to escalate, Laney discovers that Jake may not be able to form any attachments but he is definitely the man to show her a little fun and spontaneity. However, as Laney gets to know the man behind the merciless flirt façade, she begins to realize that Jake may just be all that she is looking for. But Jake has demons from his past. Will he finally take a chance on love or will his fear and insecurities stand in the way of a possible chance at love?

I really loved Jake and Laney. Jake was a sexy dirty-talker that I could not help but fall for. Laney was definitely a good girl but not in an annoying way. She had a great head on her shoulders and was really just a sweet girl hoping to find someone to share her life with. As the story progresses you see Laney slowly chipping away at the walls around Jake’s heart. Laney also begins to slowly discover herself. Jake brought out the best in her and she drew from that strength. Their road to a happy forever was sweet with a whole lot of sexy thrown in.

While I did enjoy this book, I found that I wanted more of Laney and Jake being together to fully cement their relationship in my mind. Their path to a relationship was by no means insta-love. Their feelings slowly progress into something more as they spend more time with each other. However, when they finally decide to give things a chance the book ended. The fact that Jake spends the majority of the book always emphasizing how he could not love or be loved and often thinking that he was unworthy did get a tad tedious. I would have loved to get an epilogue of some sort, or anything further down the line. That little bit more would have made this story a little more satisfying on my end.

All in all, Some Like It Wild was a fun book. It ended roughly around the 62% mark after which point the author gives us Wild Child (book #1.5 in this story), which is Jenna’s (Jake’s sister) story. The next book will be about one of Jake’s friends, Jet, and will be called There’s Wild, Then There’s You.

***An advanced reading copy of Some Like It Wild by M. Leighton was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.