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REVIEW - Deliver by Pam Godwin

Deliver - Pam Godwin

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5 “Yes, Mistress” Stars

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ~ Lao Tzu


Deliver by Pam Godwin is yet another book by this author that grabbed me by the balls...er...vagina...whatever...and DID. NOT. LET. GO. I was enraptured. Thrilled. I had extremely high expectations going into this book. After all, this author has written some of my favorite novels already. Well, Ms. Godwin did not disappoint. Her characters were brought to life exquisitely and they challenged me. The lines between right and wrong became blurred and I was left wondering how far I would go to protect those I love.


I am not going to give my usual detailed synopsis with this review to avoid giving away any spoilers. For me, the storyline is so much more than a captor/captive one. Pam Godwin has written a book with many intricate complexities and underlying layers. As you read through the novel and each layer is peeled back, you begin to realize that the monsters are not quite what or who they seem to be. While this book has core elements that are definitely darker, you also get a romantic thriller plotline where this author hits you with many curveballs. I loved that. I never knew what to expect and absolutely loved how this story slowly played out.


The first part of this book absolutely gutted me. You have this beautiful character, Joshua Carter, who epitomizes all that is goodness and light. He is loving, caring and in many ways so very innocent. To see him lured into a trap and captured broke my heart. Then to experience his captivity through his thoughts, fears and helplessness broke me even further. However, despite the terrifying circumstances Josh finds himself in, I never once considered him weak or fragile. If anything, his inner strength and beliefs are what allowed him to stay strong and reach out to his “Mistress”. Throughout this book, Josh somewhat discovers who he truly is deep inside. In his darkest hour some of his deeply hidden cravings immerge and those desires flourish under the harsh hand of his Mistress. I admired Josh and I wholeheartedly fell in love with him.


I went into this book expecting to hate The Deliverer with an undying passion but Liv was not who I imagined she’d be. There was this duality about her. Yes, to some extent she has been molded and created to be someone different from the young girl she once was; but, like Josh, there is an incredible strength to her. She is essentially living in survival mode and has become this monster in order to protect the few individuals she loves. She is not an anti-heroine to me. She is a damaged young woman who has experienced more pain and trauma than most and she is also a survivor that has endured the unfathomable. In Liv’s brokenness and vulnerability is where she meets Josh honestly. He breaks through the fragile “Mistress” façade she embraces for her survival. He cracks her shell and provides her with the security she needs to relinquish those hardened, but necessary, walls around her heart.


“I can feel you.” He leaned back, inhaled deeply. “Inside me, Everywhere. You own me. You will always own me, and I will walk through hell to keep it that way.”

Eyes on the road, her breath shivered from her lungs, cracking her voice. “You own me, too.”

“I know.”


“Don’t you see how wrong I am? I’m a kidnapper. A murderer. A fucking monster.”

“I see all of you.” He wrapped his arms around her and pressed his lips to her temple. “I claim every jagged piece of you.”


“I ---“ she kissed the spot over his heart, leaned up, and kissed his lips, softly, breathlessly “---you.”

His heartbeat catapulted, strumming every cell in his body. “You, too, girl.”

Liv and Josh have this immediate connection. Liv sees something in Josh that simply calls to her. They both free each other from the confines of the lives they were each living separately. As the storyline progresses you realize that despite how they were brought together, the two of them somehow make sense. Their profound connection further heightened by what they are able to give one another. We see Liv move into a role of protector when it comes to Josh. But how can she protect someone who is ultimately out to save her himself .... from herself?

Van, Liv’s “partner”, provides some of the conflict in the house while Josh is being “trained”. He was definitely one of those characters that was as lovable as he was messed up. By the end of the book, I found that I had developed a soft spot for him. Matter with him are left somewhat unresolved but I have no doubt that Ms. Godwin has something up her sleeve when it comes to Van for the sequel. I say...bring it!

All in all, Deliver is yet another book that proves why I truly love Pam Godwin as an author. Her writing simply resonates with me. This book was complicated brilliance and I am looking forward to where this author takes us with the sequel due out this summer. I highly recommend this book. I was captivated for the entirety of the read and blame Ms. Godwin for a huge dose of sleep deprivation.

“Nothing compared to the freedom of floating in his arms.

He would say the hand of God was holding them up, delivering them.

She called it love. Her heart didn’t fall. It flew.”




Loved it!!!! My review will be posted here and at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews on February 27th.

****An advanced reading copy of Deliver by Pam Godwin was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.