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Marked Part II: Becoming Noah Baxter - Review

Marked. Part II: Becoming Noah Baxter - J.M. Sevilla

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4.5 Stars!


Marked Part II: Becoming Noah Baxter is the conclusion to J.M. Sevilla’s thrilling and intense tale of intrigue and revenge. What I have come to love about this author is that she not only provides her reader with an edge-of-your-seat and suspense-filled storyline but somehow wonderfully amalgamates this with a sweet romance and also a story of a personal transformation. While in book one we see Lily flourish from a meek and despondent woman to a courageous lioness that was a powerful match for our alpha hero, in this second and final installment we see Jay be the one going through some changes. With danger still at an all time high, can Jay and Lily survive and get to create a happy forever? Will they get their chance?

This book picks up right where book one ends. Jay and Lily are separating for a time in order for Jay to deal with the threat of The Marker and to keep Lily safe. Lily’s existence is still unknown to many in Jay’s world and he wants to keep it that way. When the threat is extinguished Jay and Lily’s plan is to continue to build a life with one another. With so many unknowns, the one thing that is certain is that they both love and complete one another and are the missing piece that they were each missing in their lives. The separation is not easy on neither Jay nor Lily but it is definitely necessary. While apart both deal with insecurities, the pain of not being with one another and the ache that comes with missing someone desperately. Circumstances eventually have them reuniting once again and with the many twists and turns that come their way, Jay and Lily must navigate the murky waters and somehow learn to stay above water. Can their love survive?

I loved Jay in book one but he simply melted my heart in this second book. We got to see this infinitely rough and intense man brought to his knees by the depths of his feelings for the woman he loves in the first book. Now we see a man who is for the first time hoping for so much more from life. For the first time Jay has desires that surpass his dark need for vengeance. His love for Lily supersedes his hate for The Marker. And, he has no idea how to deal. He struggles with attempting to become the man he feels Lily needs. Jay has no clue as to what Lily sees in him. He simply sees himself of not being worthy of someone as sweet and beautiful as her. But, he believes in their profound connection and he is going to fight for a life with her so that he can be the man that gives her all that she requires. Jay’s journey was heart-warming, funny at times and extremely sweet as we watch him finally demolish the demons that have consumed him for so long. While we get quite a few moments in this book that will have you holding your breathe, for me the personal growth that Jay sees come to fruition is what made this book so enjoyable.

Once again, J.M. Sevilla provides us with a copious amount of sizzling sexy times. Jay and Lily are still unable to keep their hands off one another for long. And once again, this author does a wonderful job interweaving the erotic and the intense heart-pounding moments. *fans self*

All in all, Marked Part II: Becoming Noah Baxter was packed full of heart stopping moments, sexy and sweet times and a beautiful journey to a happy forever as we see Jay and Lily’s story come to an end. We get an awesome epilogue at the end which I adored and had me smiling from ear to ear. I truly loved this tale about two individuals from entirely different worlds who meet and develop a deeply profound connection. They may have had to fight for all they desired but a victory is always sweeter when one must walk over the burning hot coals to achieve it.

***An advanced reading copy of Becoming Noah Baxter by J.M. Sevilla was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.