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Faith, Honor & Freedom

Faith, Honor & Freedom (Fighting for Freedom) - Shannon Callahan


Faith, Honor & Freedom is book two in Shannon Callahan’s Fight for Freedom series. It can be read as a standalone as each book in this series deals with a different couple. The couples are all interconnected in a way though. This book deals with one sexy detective who struggles with staying away from the one woman he believes he can never have. Can he resist the temptation or will he finally give in to his deepest desires?

Lana Carter is a twenty-eight year old doula who is fiercely loyal, compassionate and sweet. After delivering her best friend’s first baby, the longing to have a family of her own one day becomes stronger. She has always had feelings for her deceased bother’s best friend, Weston Hoss, but has never acted on them as she has been firmly placed in the friend-zone category by the dominant and hot as hell police detective. Understanding that Weston will always be a ladies man with no yearning for a family and commitment, Lana knows she needs to move forward with her life and search out someone that will make her happy and has the same dreams that she does. When she meets Alec, a caring and gorgeous construction worker, she thinks that perhaps things may be going her way for once.

Weston Hoss has always loved Lana but after being told to stay away from her by his best friend and Lana’s older brother and promising to do just that, he knows that he will never be good enough for someone like Lana. When his best friend dies, Weston takes on the role of Lana’s protector and friend with more of a fierce determination. Knowing that he will never be able to act on his feelings for Lana, Weston reassures himself that at least he can protect her.

When a serial killer enters the picture and Lana is no longer safe in her own neighborhood, Weston steps in to keep her safe. He not going to let anyone step in his way, not the new man Lana is seeing and definitely not Lana herself. As matters escalate and become more dangerous, Weston struggles with keeping Lana at bay and finds himself plagued with guilt in breaking his promise to her brother to stay away. In the midst of increasing danger, Weston and Lana will either be torn apart for good or their long suppressed feelings will finally come to the surface and flourish.

I did enjoy reading this book but there were definitely some things that drove me crazy. For instance, the fact that Weston kept walking away every time things got heated between him and Lana drove me bananas! Holy crap, I wanted to reach into my kindle and punch him in the balls! Lana drove me a little crazy as well and made some stupid decisions. Essentially, when it comes to the heart of the matter, there was simply too much back and forth when it came to how Lana and Weston dealt with their relationship. There was a lot of harsh words exchanged at times and I had a hard time becoming invested in their relationship. It was like watching a ping-pong match. By the time things gets sorted relationship-wise, I was exhausted.

All in all, I did enjoy this book despite it not being a spectacular read. I will continue with the series and am looking forward to the next book.