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Finally Finding Faith - Review

Finally Finding Faith (The Reed Brothers, #3.5) - Tammy Falkner


Finally Finding Faith by Tammy Falkner is a short novella in her The Reed Brother series. I have much love for this series and after reading this novella, I have no doubt that it is very unlikely this author will ever disappoint me. What Ms. Falkner delivers in this short tale is powerful, poignant and extremely moving. It is about being at the end of your rope, your darkest hour, when there is no longer any hope to grasp at. What could bring you back to life again, if anything?

“I’ve been dead for a really long time, ever since I woke up in the hospital without my leg, without my friends, and without a future.”


“Time didn’t stand still, Daniel,” she says. “You did.”

Daniel lost everything in Afghanistan – his men and friends, his leg and his reason to hope. He is in New York City for New Year’s Eve on a mission to complete his bucket list before the clock strikes twelve. After getting a tattoo at Reed’s Tattoo Parlor, the Reed boys point him in the direction of Henry’s clock shop as Daniel needs someone to fix his watch. There he meets Henry’s grand-daughter, Faith. Faith recognizes the sadness and loss that consumes Daniel and sets out to reach out to him. Caring for her aging grand-mother and having experienced loss in her past, Faith can’t help but want to connect with Daniel. Faith is the hope and all that is good that Daniel has not experienced in so very long. Will Daniel be able to allow her in and finally see the light at the end of the very dark tunnel where he has been hiding? Will he finally awake from the sleepy stupor that he has lived in since the tragic events that occurred overseas? Time is running out and the clock is ticking....

“You make me want to wake up.”


“I see you,” I say quietly to her.

“Well, I hope so,” she whispers back.

“No, Faith. I mean I really see you. All of you.”


“I wish I could get better for you, Faith,” I say.

She shakes her head again and lays her flat hand upon my heart. I cover it with mine. “Get better for you, Daniel. Just for you.”

This book truly touched my heart. The bottomless pit of despair that Daniel was sinking in literally poured off the pages. I wanted to reach into my kindle and hug him. Time stopped for Daniel and nothing seemed to be able to get it to start moving forward once again. To find oneself at such crossroads is truly heartbreaking. Faith was simply a beautiful character. Her empathy and sweetness towards Daniel was exactly what he required. Both of them experienced something special when meeting one another. Both of them offered the other comfort and compassion.

Finally Finding Faith is a book that will stay with me despite its short length. It most definitely packed a powerful punch and substantiated why it is that Tammy Falkner has quickly become a favorite author of mine. Her characters are beautifully written and find a way to weave themselves into your heart and latch on. Her stories are heartwarming treasures that I savor. I loved this book and can't wait for more in this series.