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Drew + Fable Forever - Review

Drew + Fable Forever (One Week Girlfriend, #3.5) - Monica  Murphy

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4 “Sugary Sweet” Stars

Once in a while, in the middle of ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.



Drew + Fable Forever by Monica Murphy is a novella which continues the beautifully sweet romance of the beloved characters of Drew and Fable. This pair has fought hard to be together and they have faced numerous challenges. Therefore, getting this little snippet into what their lives and love are like was wonderfully heart-warming and such an amazing treat. I loved it!


In this novella, Monica Murphy gives her readers a glimpse a few years down the road into Drew and Fable’s life. Drew is now a quarterback for the San Francisco Forty-Niners in his first season. Fable is still taking on the responsibility of her brother, Owen, as he is now in high school. This is a story about how this loving couple still has their ups and downs. With Drew playing for a national football team, they both have to deal with being thrust into the limelight of fame. Further, Drew is often away for games and training. The separation is not always easy. Throughout it all, Drew and Fable learn to compromise, love harder and love unconditionally. They continue to prove that the bond they share is powerful, profound and unbreakable. What they share is essentially what gets them through any adversity that is thrown their way. So very beautiful.

"When you struggle for something so good, so right, you cherish it more. You hold it close, nurture it, protect it, make sure you never, ever let your guard down." ~Fable


"I'll always be the one to rescue you, Fable. You never have to worry about that." ~Drew

Drew had me seriously swooning in this novella and I fell more in love with him, if that is even possible. I loved Fable in this as well. Being with someone who was now famous had her experiencing moments of insecurities and self-doubt. However, Drew was always there for her to reassure her and prove over and over that she was his everything. Seriously, my heart could take no more. Sigh! Loving someone and being in a committed relationship is not always easy. As Drew and Fable’s relationship progresses, we see how they put one another first and how much they are deeply connected.

This wonderful novella had me experiencing a little bit of nostalgia as it took me back into the lives of a couple that became a favorite of mine. Drew + Fable Forever had me swooning, sighing and Monica Murphy certainly provided some sexy and steamy moments as well. This book was simply romantic! Fans of Drew and Fable will not be disappointed and I am sure will share my love for this touching little book.


***An advanced reading copy of Drew + Fable Forever by Monica Murphy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.