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Undone - Review

Undone  - R.E. Hunter

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3.5 Stars


Undone by R.E. Hunter is the first novel in her Disclosure series. Two people with pasts that still haunt them meet and are blindsided by their attraction for one another. Can they each let go of their past demons that continue to torment them? Will past mistakes be repeated?


Embry Jacobs has returned home to attend law school. After experiencing a horrible relationship in high school, Embry ran and attended university in a different state. She is done running. She may not completely be over all that happened with her high school boyfriend, but she is determined to have a fresh start and accomplish her dream of becoming a lawyer. Embry is focused solely on school and is willing to sacrifice all to see that she stays on the path that she has set for herself, including saying no to any romantic involvements. When she literally crashes into a beautiful man who is all southern charm, all thoughts of staying focused on her dream are sidelined by the undeniable attraction she feels.


Luke Brody is also making a fresh start and has relocated in order to do so. He has a loving family that supports him; however, he has hidden secrets in his past that he wishes to stay in the dark. When he collides into a beautiful young woman, he is immediately intrigued by her and most definitely feels the undeniable attraction the two of them share. Unable to walk away from her, Luke wants nothing more than to pursue what they both are trying to ignore.

As Luke and Embry get to know one another and slowly pursue a tentative relationship, they both start to let each other in and the walls they have erected gradually start to crumble. They have a strong connection but soon matters take an unexpected turn leaving Embry and Luke with a choice to make. Can they stay away from one another indefinitely? Further, when even more secrets are startlingly revealed about Luke, can the pair pick up the pieces and move forward?

Undone is a well-written novel and, while I enjoyed the book, it did not quite grip me like I was expecting. Both Embry and Luke were great characters who were well developed. However, as much as I liked them the book was very slowly paced for the majority of it and I found myself getting a little bored at times. There was definitely a very slow build when it came to the storyline and just as matters start to get a little more fast-paced and interesting we are hit with a cliff-hanger. GAH! I truly hate, despise, loathe, abhor...you get the idea...cliff-hangers. Now, for me, the question becomes whether or not the storyline could have been fit into one book and this will not be answered until book two is made available. Perhaps a lot of what goes on in this book which slowed down the pacing could have been lessened to some degree. Perhaps not. What I do know is that I will be super unhappy with the turn of events that occurred at the end if this now becomes an over-indulgent angsty ride from this point forward. We shall see.

All in all, I did enjoy Undone. Yes, it did lose me at times throughout the book but the decent writing kept me going. That is a testament to a good author. While I may not be the greatest fan of the slow pacing, what occurred near the end and a cliff-hanger ending, I was still entertained enough to keep reading and entertained enough to pick up the next book. I think that this will be a book that will generate a lot of vastly different opinions. Some may walk away in love, some may dislike the book and some, like me, will be right in the middle.

****An advanced reading copy of Undone by R.E. Hunter was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.