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Thrash - Review

Thrash  - J.C. Emery

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3 Stars

“Loneliness suffocates the heart. Acceptance breaks down walls.”

Thrash by J.C. Emery is book two in her The Bayonet Scars series. This is a book about a young woman with too much on her shoulders and the man who finally takes notice. While book one in the series, Ride, was unique in the sense that the author creatively mixed both the mafia and biker worlds, this second installment takes place solely on biker ground. The heroine knows all too well what the biker world is all about. The question becomes whether she is willing to immerse herself in the life for good.

Nicole Whelan grew up with a mother who was a club whore. Even when a good man claimed her, it simply was not enough. With a mother who cared more about the dirty aspects of the biker lifestyle and a step-father who attempted to step up to the plate, Nic has not exactly had a stellar upbringing. With her step-father now in jail she is left with the responsibility of her half-brother, something that is proving more and more difficult as he gets older. Too many burdens to endure has Nicole seeking time to simply be free and let go. Her step-father was a part of the Forsaken MC and, following in the footsteps of her careless mother, Nic finds herself letting loose as one of the club’s lost girls (a club whore in other words). She does not want complicated attachments as her life is complicated enough. That is until one steamy encounter at the clubhouse with a man who she has always tried to stay away from completely unhinges her.

Joshua “Duke” Wilcox is the Secretary for the Forsaken MC. Like the rest of his brothers, he lives and dies by the club and the brotherhood. When Duke finally gets Nic to give in and shares one hot night with her, he realizes that he is ready for more in his life. More than one-time sexual encounters that may satisfy is base needs but are void of feelings and emotions. Duke is drawn to Nic’s strength and something about her has always called to him and drew him in. Now that he has finally had her, he knows that she is the one for him and is determined to claim her. However, Nic is not making it easy for him to get what he wants.

Who will eventually win in the game of cat and mouse? Will it be our single-minded alpha-biker who is hell bent on breaking through all of Nic’s defenses? Or will Nic’s resolute stance that she is not ready or willing to become an Old Lady prevent her in truly seeing all that Duke is offering?

While I did enjoy reading this book, I definitely had some issues with it that prevented me from loving it. About 70% of this book takes place in the same time frame which book one is set in. And, although this book deals with a different couple, I felt like I was often reading about all of the same things that transpired in book one, except from a different point of view. It was like re-reading all that transpired between Ryan and Alexa (the couple from book one) at times but from Duke’s perspective of the events. This got a little tedious and boring and did ultimately distract me from what was happening between Duke and Nic. By the time things changed at around the 70% mark and the book moves on from the point where the first book ends, I had a hard time getting fully invested in the relationship developing between Duke and Nic. Perhaps if the author instead started this book from the point where book one ends and developed the storyline from that point and also pursued in greater detail the storyline that is kind of in the background in this book (with Nic’s ex), I may have become more invested as that would have been a completely new storyline.

Further, I will be the first to admit that I can be a complete hypocrite when it comes to my stance regarding heroes and heroines in novels. Having a heroine who is a little slutty at times stops me from giving her a fair shot. With this being said, I admit to disliking Nic a bit for that reason. I know. I know. Like I indicated, I am fully aware that I am a hypocrite.

All in all, Thrash was an enjoyable read that I liked but did not love. Will I continue with the series? Yes, I think so. I am unsure as to where Ms. Emery is taking the series as there were no hints as to what the next book will be about. I am hoping there is more when it comes to the whole biker/mafia dynamic.

***An advanced reading copy of Thrash by J.C. Emery was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.