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Pursuit - Review

Pursuit - Lynda Chance

3.5 Stars

“What are you expecting me to say here, Lauren? Me, Tarzan....you Jane?”

Pursuit by Lynda Chance is yet another book by this author with an over-the-top alpha male and his need to claim what he considers his. While I have only read a few books written by this author, they seem to follow a similar formula each starring a possessive and domineering male who simply does not take no for an answer. I took this book for what it was – an entertaining, short novella full of many caveman antics and some hot and sexy times. I’m done with that. ;)

Meet said caveman....

And, the object of his possession desire....

Logan Crenshaw first sees Lauren Jacobs at a coffee shop and right from that moment he is in hot pursuit. What ensues is our overbearing alpha-male letting loose and going after what he wants to claim. Lauren is not always down with the whole “me Tarzan, you Jane” act; therefore, Logan attempts to reign in his caveman predispositions. This does not always happen considering the fact that Logan considers Lauren his and has a difficult time reigning in his persistent ways. Logan has no plans of ever letting Lauren walk away from him. He just has to make Lauren realize this now.

Pursuit was definitely an entertaining read with some witty dialogue and lots of smexy times between the sheets. This book is worth reading when in the mood for a quick read that is well written and relatively angst free. This author most definitely writes awesome exaggerated alpha males that I can’t seem to help falling for.

She was like the proverbial Little Red Riding Hood, taking one step too close to the Big, Bad Wolf. And when she did, he’d have her.

So, who’s afraid of the big bad wolf????