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Broken Dove - Review

Broken Dove  - Kristen Ashley


None of this was good. It was weird. Bizarre. Unbelievable. Fantastical.


Broken Dove by Kristen Ashley is book four in her Fantasyland series. Now, I have been pretty vocal about my love for this series. It is absolutely my favorite Kristen Ashley series. Thus, having a new book come out had me beyond a level of excitement that I am sure even my young children could not surpass. And, let me tell you....THIS. BOOK. DID. NOT. DISAPPOINT.



Therefore, I once again find myself contemplating my love and adoration for my dear KA. Damn, but I love her books!


Alright. Moving on with some semblance of a review....


Apollo Ulfr once had a beautiful and loving wife but she was taken from him far too young leaving him with two young children and a shattered soul. When Apollo discovers that there is a parallel universe and that his wife's twin exists in that world, he grabs on to the hope that he can have his beloved wife back with him and their children once again. In his grief-stricken and loss-filled existence, Apollo is determined to find the twin from the other world and bring her to his world.


Ilsa Ulfr of our world has not been as lucky in love. Married to Apollo's twin, Pol, has taught her how to take a beating. It has also taught her how to run. Ilsa has been running from Pol for a few years now. Ilsa is broken and damaged and she will do anything to keep from being found at the mercy of her abusive husband once again. When she is transported to a parallel universe and faces her husband's twin, the term "freaked out" would be an understatement for how she feels.

The last thing Ilsa wants is to be forced into another relationship with a man who is the twin of the husband who broke her.

The last thing Apollo expected was to find that the Ilsa of the other world is nothing like his deceased wife. Instead she is shattered, bitter and so very damaged.

However, Apollo's world is under threat. Darkness and evil have amassed and are ready for attack. Apollo must join forces with Tor, Frey, Dax Lahn and others to combat the dark forces that want to take over their world. He must protect his people and his family, which now includes the Ilsa from our world.

"I tell you now, my poppy, for years, I never thought I would again be happy. Never again." He tucked me closer and finished on a rough whisper. "So I never imagined I could be happier."


My voice so quiet, it was even difficult for me to hear, I told him, "All my life, I've never been happy. So I never imagined even being that way. Until now."


"Love like you build with Miss Madeleine is as she is. It is not of this world. Not of her world. It is beyond the worlds. It is beyond anything."


"So this is what it feels like not to be broken."

The relationship between Apollo and Ilsa was complicated. Here you have a grief-stricken man who was hoping to recapture all that he shared with his deceased wife. Then you have a woman who has been brought low by the circumstances of her life and who now faces the twin of the very person who is responsible for all her pain. As the pair get acquainted and get to know one another, Apollo soon realizes that the Ilsa of the other world is special and she calls to the deep recesses of his soul that have long been dead.

Ilsa comes to a world where she is the very image of a beloved wife, mother, leader and friend. She understands that her presence is hard for many to take, including Apollo and his two young children. As she spends time with Apollo, she begins to realize that he does not see her in the same light as the other Ilsa. Determined to make a fresh start and build a new life for herself in this parallel world, Ilsa becomes "Maddy" (Madeleine).

Apollo is determined to win Maddy's heart and wants to mend his broken dove. Maddy is reluctant and scared at first but she eventually realizes that Apollo is not the same man as her husband and he wants to give her beautiful. He wants to give her safe. He wants to give her a family. The two navigate their fragile relationship over some very bumpy hurdles and obstacles. All the while, Apollo and Maddy must come together with their allies to battle the evil forces who wish to destroy them.

This book was amazing. Kristen Ashley not only hands us an incredibly creative parallel world, but also weaves this wonderfully epic and heart-melting romance. I also want to point out that Broken Dove was incredibly erotic, more so that the three previous books in the series. Let me elaborate on this point:

“I will enjoy taking you on your knees, seeing your arse red from my hand.”



Apollo took the sex scenes to new and different places. You will sizzle. You will over-heat. You will require ice, fan, a partner.

Enough said.

All in all, Broken Dove was another amazing adventure in this epic series. I will state that I believe it is best to read the series in order. You are not only introduced to all the main characters that appear in this book but you are also given the background information for this parallel world. Reading the series in order would, in essence, make it easier for the reader to take in all that Kristen Ashley has intricately created without any confusion.

Now, bring on book five. I want some Noc!