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Behind His Lens - Review

Behind His Lens - R.S. Grey

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4.5 stars


Behind His Lens is the debut novel of R.S. Grey. What a wonderful book! I was entranced for the entirety of the read. Passionate, fiery, slow building and mesmerizing, this book tells the tale of two individuals both hiding behind a façade afraid to trust and completely let go. What will happen when they both emerge from behind the lens? Can either one finally open up and find something special and worth fighting for with the other?


“Maybe that’s life’s greatest hoax – on the outside I’m a model, completely flawless, and on the inside, I’m a whack job.สบ

Charley Whitlock is a twenty-three year old model and student. When tragedy struck four years ago, Charley withdrew from the life she was living. Now Charley leads a relatively quiet and reclusive existence hiding behind her beautiful outer shell, never truly allowing anyone in past her carefully erected barriers. When a photo shoot brings her face to face with a new photographer, Charley is taken aback at how the sexy man evokes such deep emotions from her. Charley is willing to be under his control and submit during the photo sessions, but can she allow him to have such power over her outside of the photography studio as well?


“She burns away the loneliness and scar tissue encased around my heart every time her gentle blue eyes fall on me.”

Jude Anderson is a twenty-seven year old fashion photographer known for his work and also known for the fact that he never ever dates and gets involved with models. Not one to shit where he eats so to speak. Jude is the love them and leave them type, not wanting to get involved with any woman past satisfying his physical needs. When Jude meets Charley he can’t help but be drawn to her and for the first time ever, Jude finds himself wanting so much more from a woman than sex. Charley sets Jude off his axis and tilts his world. Can Jude let go of the demons from his past that haunt him and finally give a relationship a chance?

A photo shoot in Hawaii has Charley and Jude spending time with each other in close proximity. Soon their sizzling hot attraction can no longer be denied and both dive head first into the murky waters of a start to a fragile relationship between them. Can they both let go of their past and free fall into the unknown or are they doomed even before they start?

One of the things that I truly loved about this book was the slow build between Jude and Charley. There were no quick declarations of love nor was there jumping into sex immediately. Their relationship as a whole came together very realistically and organically. The fact is that these were two very damaged individuals who both understood that they had demons that prevented them from getting too close with others, especially those of the opposite sex. In order for them to even have a chance at a happy forever, both Jude and Charley need to get past their personal hold ups and take a chance. A very scary thing to do. Fear is a stronghold that is not easily overcome. Matters did get intense as both attempted to overcome their emotional hurdles. I found myself holding my breath and rooting for Jude and Charley, wanting to see them get a happy ending.

All in all, Behind His Lens was a well written story and a very genuine portrayal of how two individuals finally find something worth fighting for and seek out a chance at love. The only reason that this book got a 4.5 star rating from me rather than a 5 star is that I wanted a little more to the story at the end. I felt like the book ended just when Jude and Charley (more Charley) finally embarked on the journey of healing. Perhaps an epilogue further down the line would have been nice. I would have loved to see them together after some time had passed and deeper emotions had begun to take root between the pair. No doubt that they got their happily ever after in my mind, but seeing it set out in the story a little more concretely would have made this book even better. That is just my opinion though. I have no doubt that Behind His Lens will be enjoyed by many. I truly loved it and R.S. Grey now has a fan in me. I highly recommend this book so go out and buy it! :D


*A copy of Behind His Lens by R.S. Grey was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

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