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Caller of Light - Review

Caller of Light - T.J. Shaw
“You are her protector. She’s yours.”


I picked up Caller of Light by T.J. Shaw on a whim when I came across it here on Goodreads. I love fantasy books and absolutely adore getting wrapped up in a whimsical and romantic tale. There is just something to be said about a book transporting you to magical lands with fiery creatures and mythical legends. I am happy to report that this book did not disappoint. This author has fashioned a fairy-tale like and magical world where mighty kingdoms, mystical creatures and powerful rulers all form part of the landscape. Seriously, what a wonderful debut novel!


Carina McKay has grown up feeling as if she were an interloper, constantly encroaching upon her royal family. She has never been accepted as true nobility by her father who is King and her self-absorbed half-sister. Carina lives her life in the solitary shadows. The only thing that provides her comfort and fills her heart with joy is spending time with the Critons, large dragon-like and fire-breathing creatures that are found all over the lands belonging to her father. The Critons allow Carina to forget about her dull existence and mundane life and escape into a fantastical world of happiness. When Carina captivates a visiting King who is there to become betrothed to her sister, she has no idea that her life will forever be changed.

Marek Duncan is the King of Stirrlan. After a disastrous first marriage, he is no longer a believer in love and a romantic happy tale for himself. Accepting his circumstances has led him to the lands of King Mckay to negotiate a betrothal to his daughter in hopes of forming a strong marriage alliance. Marek has ulterior motives for seeking out the hand of the Mckay princess. Marissa McKay is rumored to be the next Caller of Light, a person with the ability to summon the Critons and also see link between the unbonded creatures and who they are meant for. It is a powerful gift and one that would benefit Marek in strengthening Stirrlan if in fact Marissa is the Caller of Light. Marek’s plans all blow up in smoke when he meets Carina McKay. She fascinates him and calls to a part deep within him that he long thought was buried. Putting his heart before his duty to his Kingdom, Marek chooses Carina to become his mistress.

She loved him. Her love was absolute. A part of her soul now belonged to another.


She’d imprinted herself in his mind and burned her spirit into his heart.

This book is ultimately a love story interwoven into a wonderfully written fantasy world. Right from the start Marek is quite taken with Carina’s beauty, soft heart and her natural ease with the Critons. As they travel back to Stirrlan, their newly formed fragile bond is tested as enemies come out of the woodwork threatening to destroy them. And, as their relationship flourishes and their feelings for one another become more profound, Marek and Carina must navigate through some very difficult and dangerous situations as well as shattering betrayals. Marek is willing to protect Carina at all costs. When truths and discoveries come to light, will the powerful connection and love that Marek and Carina share be enough to carry them through and grasp their destiny?

All in all, Caller of Light is wonderfully fascinating book. The world-building and writing is strong and we are provided with a visually enchanting story along with a beautiful romance. This book does not end in a cliff-hanger; although, T.J. Shaw most definitely sets things up in such a way that we can assume there is more to come. I looking forward to more from this author. If you are a lover of the fantasy genre, I highly recommend this one.