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Sweet Revenge - Review

Sweet Revenge - Rebecca Zanetti



Dang. This book was fabulous!

Edge-of-your-seat enthralling, thrilling... FAN-FRICKIN’-TASTIC!

Sweet Revenge is the second book in Rebecca Zanetti’s Sins Brothers series and it picks up exactly where book one comes to a conclusion. The Dean brothers continue on the mission to destroy their creators and save their own lives. Time is running out. Who will be the left standing when time finally runs out?


Matt Dean has always felt responsible for his brothers. He is the ultimate soldier and dominant protector. Matt is on a quest to hunt down the one person he believes holds the key to saving him and his brothers. His pursuit leads him to the small town of Charmed, Idaho where he will stop at nothing to find who he is looking for. There he meets a local bar owner named Laney Jacobs. The pair are immediately drawn to one another. Matt knows that he has no business pursuing the beautiful business proprietor but he is unable to ignore the sizzling attraction.

Laney can’t help but be intrigued by the mysterious and alluring stranger. She is running from her past and the last thing she needs in her complicated life is a domineering alpha male barging into her life that sets her panties on fire. However, behind Matt’s authoritarian and over-bearing demeanor, Laney discovers a gentleness and tenderness that completely draw her to the sexy ex-soldier. For the first time in a very long time, Laney feels safe and protected.

But Matt and Laney are carrying some deep secrets that neither one is willing to reveal. When danger closes in on the pair and the secrets come to light linking Matt and Laney in ways they could never have imagined, who can be trusted in the end and who will be left standing?

I am purposely attempting to be vague in my review as I strongly feel that this book, like its predecessor, has to be experienced without any spoilers. This is a fast-paced, action-filled and thrilling book that will leave you enthralled. You just need to hang on for the ride as each twist and turn is thrown your way.

This is what you need you need to understand about this book:

1. Be prepared for a speedy plot with a lot of unexpected curve-balls. Just hang on for the exhilarating journey.



2. Matt is one sexy mofo. Therefore, this book is scorching hot. Let me expand on this point.

“I know exactly who I am.”

“Who are you?” she whispered.

“The guy who’s going to have you screaming his name within the next hour.”

Well now. Need another example?

Spread your legs,” he whispered into her ear, the crass suggestion nearly throwing her into an early orgasm.

“I, ah...”

His other hand tethered in her hair and tugged her head to the side. Hot and firm, his lips traced her jugular until he spoke against her skin. “I believe the words were clear. Spread. Your. Legs."

No problem, Matt.


All in all, Sweet Revenge is an awesome continuation in this action-packed series. This storyline is nail-biting exciting as the Dean brothers race against the ticking clock. I truly had no idea where Ms. Zanetti would turn at every interval. I am so excited for more and can’t wait for Nate’s story. If you are a romantic-suspense lover and enjoy books that will keep you guessing, pick up this series. Trust me on this!