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Forgotten Sins - Review

Forgotten Sins - Rebecca Zanetti

4.5 "Action Packed" Stars


Forgotten Sins is book one in Rebecca Zanetti’s Sins Brothers series. Packed full with suspense, action, romance and some hot and sexy times, this book is one that held me captive from start to finish. Four genetically engineered brothers who were created as part of a covert military experiment. They were to be part of an elite group of government assassins, raised and molded into genetically altered killing machines with enhanced super human traits. The four brothers escaped their creators and have been on a mission ever since. The need to take down the monsters who fashioned them consumes the brothers. They lust for revenge. Is there room for anything else.....like love?


This first book is about Shane. Shane met Josie in a coffee shop and after an intense romance the pair get hastily married. When circumstances not within his control force Shane to leave his wife after only two months of marriage, he leaves Josie completely heartbroken and devastated. Two years later, Josie is still struggling with how to move forward from Shane’s sudden and unexplained departure from her life. She has drawn up divorce papers and wants to move forward and have some semblance of a normal life. When Shane suddenly reappears back into her life suffering from being beaten and with amnesia, he threatens all of Josie’s hard-earned normalcy and proves that her heart and body still cry out for her long lost husband.

Shane awakens in a hospital bed with very little memories and with a beautiful women with soul-searching blue eyes staring intently at him. When he discovers this alluring woman is his wife, Shane can’t help but feel this deep instinctual need to protect her. When Josie explains that she would like a divorce, Shane refuses to cooperate and sign the paperwork until his memory returns. He needs to figure out why he walked away from his wife and the life they had started together.

As Shane and Josie begin to navigate the murky waters of their shattered relationship once again, it becomes apparent that Josie knows very little about the man she married. The commanding, overbearing and possessive man she married has a plethora of secrets that Josie never even knew about when they were together. Their feelings and desire for one another may not have changed in the past couple of years; however, Josie is unwilling to succumb to the all consuming passion they share without some answers. As truths about Shane and his brothers are unmasked, danger from unknown enemies threatens both Shane and Josie at every turn. In the midst of danger, secrecy and the unknown, can Shane and Josie find their way back into each other’s arms?

“I wonder how well you can bother me from a jail cell.”

His upper lip quirked. “You are so cute when you are threatening me.”


“You’re my dream, angel. Just you.”

I loved Josie and Shane. Josie is sweet and caring but not without a backbone. She may not be able to walk away from Shane and his domineering ways, but neither is she willing to allow Shane back into her life without getting answers from him when it comes to his secrecy and the fact that he disappeared. Shane and his brothers were raised in a brutal manner and live in a cold and dangerous world. They all feel their world is no place for someone as sweet and fragile as Josie. However, Josie surprises them all with her inner strength and fearlessness. She proves to Shane and his brothers that not only can she survive in their world but she can be an asset. Seeing Josie again has Shane in emotional turmoil. Leaving her the first time nearly killed him and he is unsure if he can walk away from the woman he loves a second time, even if it means that her life would be safer without him in it.

All in all, Forgotten Sins is a great start to an action-packed and steamy series. Getting to know a couple of Shane’s brothers in this book has me salivating for more. Bring me more alpha heroes with a penchant for being overbearing asses please! On to the next book.....