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Holding Out - Review

Holding Out  - Lila Rose


Holding Out by Lila Rose is book one in her Hawks Motorcycle Club series. It is a tale of a young, single mother trying to move forward with her life and an alpha-biker determined to claim her.

Zara Edgingway has spent the last six years rebuilding her life after leaving her abusive ex-husband and essentially pulling off a disappearing act. Her main priority is her six year old daughter, Maya, and keeping her safe. For the past two years, Zara has lived across the road from the Hawks Motorcycle Club's compound. She has recently caught the attention of the President of the club and he is about to finally stake a claim in the woman who he has lusted over for the past couple of years. Talon Marcus has had enough of simply watching his beautiful neighbor only sharing secret occasional glances with her and the odd conversation. When Zara shows up at the club asking for the music to be turned down one night, Talon seizes the moment and makes it abundantly clear that he is in hot pursuit of the sexy mama. With a sassy and foul-mouthed best friend, a hot bunch of sexy bikers, Zara’s brother and his lover, a dangerous ex who resurfaces and a heck of a lot more thrown into the mix – Zara and Talon must navigate the cloudy waters to reach their happy forever. Can they finally have what they have always been searching for or are there too many obstacles standing in their way?

This book started off quite well for me. I found it funny and entertaining. However, the humor quickly reached over-the-top levels and it simply became repetitive and too silly (even for me). I grew tired of the heroine’s inner ramblings and the mindless banter she shared with her best friend. I also did not understand some of the reactions that Zara had like when she was given devastating news by her brother that should have brought her to her knees and her reaction was to continue focusing on her lust for Talon. I just did not comprehend that. Further, the storyline did not have a seamless flow to it, in my opinion. There was a lot going on and new characters kept popping out of the woodwork at every turn. It then ended rather quickly.

All in all, Holding Out was just an “okay” read for me. I think that many readers will enjoy this one as it is a light read for a biker book. For me, it simply missed the mark. Will I be reading book two in the series? I think so. I really love biker books and I will likely read the next book to see if I will enjoy it more than this first book.