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Claimed - Review

Claimed  - Stacey Kennedy


Claimed is the first book in Stacey Kennedy’s Club Sin series which takes us into the erotic BDSM world of the Club Sin Master Doms. This was a fairly quick and lighter read with no highly angsty rollercoaster moments. Ms. Kennedy’s take on the BDSM genre is definitely less gritty than many other books dealing with the same subject manner.

Twenty-five year old Presley Flynn has recently left her long-term douche of a boyfriend of eight years. She moved to Las Vegas to be with him only to discover that he was cheating on her. Presley is definitely at some crossroads in her life and wants something...anything...to change. She longs to be more adventurous and has secret fantasies about the BDSM world all stemming from the copious amounts of erotic novels she finds herself reading. When her roommate, Cora, introduces her to the BDSM lifestyle, Presley is nervous but willing to dive into something unknown and exciting for once in her life. Cora takes her to Club Sin to meet with the owner. Little does Presley know that she will catch the eye of the alluring owner who will introduce to a world of pain and pleasure.

Dmitri Pratt is rich, powerful and very much a dominant male. His life spiraled out of control until he was introduced to the BDSM lifestyle which abated his need to dominate in his everyday life and leave it to more seductive, kinky and more pleasurable moments. He is a take charge man who requires the lifestyle as an outlet for his frustrations. He satisfies his urges within his club walls often making use of the many submissives. When Dmitri meets Presley, he is immediately drawn to her. He decides to be the one to train her as a submissive and once the two begin their relationship, Dmitri finds himself more enthralled and possessive over the sweet and innocent sub. For the first time in a very long time, Dmitri is wanting to claim a sub as his very own.

Overall I found Dmitri’s and Presley’s story to be well paced and entertaining despite the fact that this book is not overly lengthy. Dmitri slowly introduces Presley into the lifestyle and works with her through some of her hang ups. As the two spend more time with each other, in and out of the club, they begin to discover that they are the perfect fit. When Presley’s ex-boyfriend becomes more and more insistent in his attempts to contact her, will she finally develop a backbone and stand-up for herself? Have the lessons Dmitri has been instilling in her finally take hold?

The sex in this book was nothing too overly graphic and intense. I believe it would be safe to call this a BDSM-lite book. Yes, Dmitri and Presley do share some highly erotic and sexalicious moments; however, nothing shared between the pair was extreme in any way. I suppose if you are interested in BDSM books and have yet to read one, this may be a good start seeing that there is nothing too risky being thrown at the reader.

I did have some issues with the book. At times I did feel like things were rushed and not very well developed. A perfect example of this was the ex-boyfriend. Yes, he was an asshat, but his involvement in the book seemed rather moot and not really necessary. Further, the book seemed to end rather abruptly. I am positive we will see more of Dmitri and Presley in book two, but a little more of an ending regarding the two would have solidified them more as being together and seeking out their happy forever. Another issue for me was Presley's innocence. It bordered a little on the ridiculous at times, like the fact that she had a hard time saying the word “sex”. Um, you want to play in a dungeon and you can't say “sex”. Hmmmm. Also, some of the dialogue and writing was a little on the cheesy side. It was not anything that ruined the book for me, but I did have a few eye-rolling moments.

All in all, Claimed was a good read that held my attention. Was it the best BDSM book that I have ever read? Well, no. Will I be reading the second book in the series? I think so. I am intrigued enough by all the secondary characters introduced to continue with this series, at least for the next book.