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His Risk to Take - Review

His Risk to Take - Tessa Bailey

He knew what they saw when they looked at him. Quiet, friendly guy. Passionate about his job. It's the same thing women saw, too. In the beginning.

Well.....what do we have here???

A sexy and controlling dirty talker???? Hello there.....


But Prince Charming disappeared as soon as they made it to the bedroom.

Troy Bennett:

And, his conquest.....Ruby Elliot:

"Next time you bend over a table, I'm going to wrap all that hair around my fist and pull your head back. I want to watch your eyes glaze over when I fuck you into oblivion."

Oh Troy...after reading the steamy scenes and putting up with that filthy mouth of yours, a little cooling off was in order.


Yes, sir!!

I loved Tessa Bailey's debut Novel, Protecting What's His, so it really was a no brainer that I would be reading His Risk to Take. This short novella was hot, steamy, and very enjoyable.

"You might get away with running that smart mouth to other people. But you won't get away with it here. If you continue to challenge me with every word out of your mouth, I will fuck you repeatedly until you learn to play nice."

Troy Bennett is a police detective who has transferred to New York City after the tragic death of his partner. His partner was the cop that was killed in the police raid that took place in book one (Protecting What's His). He is still dealing with the death of his partner and believes that the death was his fault. After all, there must have been something he could have done to save him. Shortly after his arrival to NYC, he meets a street-smart pool hustler named Ruby. Immediately sparks fly between the pair and what follows is the commencement of a quick lust induced relationship. What Troy soon discovers is that Ruby is connected somehow to one of the cases he is working on.

"So, blue eyes. Why don't you stop staring and buy me a drink? I don't want to dehydrate before you work up the nerve"

Ruby is this sassy spit-fire who has made a living at hustling but is now on the path to make something more of her life. She is used to living her life on her terms and has never really had anyone take care of her. Ruby has been taught to never trust cops and when she discovers that the intense man eying her up at the bar is one, she is on high alert. But, damn, her body does not have the trust issues her mind does and definitely wants all Troy has to offer.

"It's going to take me hours of fucking that tight little body of yours to satisfy it. I hope you know what you're in for."


She felt....conquered.

What we have here is a case of obvious insta-lust and things most definitely progress at a rapid rate. His Risk to Take is a novella so you can not go in expecting anything too profound. Troy is a possessive alpha male who needs control in the bedroom. Ruby is willing to relinquish control to this sexy beast....but, only in the bedroom. These two definitely heat up the sheets and the chemistry is off the charts.

Overall, His Risk to Take is a quick and entertaining story. I would have loved for it to be a little longer; however, I usually feel that way about novellas. This book is a hot little number and it has left me definitely wanting more. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

"It's simple. You're for me, Ruby."

"I'm for you," she breathed.