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Losing Control - Review

Losing Control (Heaven Hill Series) - Laramie Briscoe

3.5 Stars

“Is it always going to be like this?” she whimpered.

“Out of control?” he asked.


Losing Control is book three in Laramie Briscoe’s Heaven Hill biker series. The Heaven Hill men are at it again. This time it is newly patched Jagger who takes center stage. This laid-back and easy going biker is about to realize that one woman can make him lose control. Although, perhaps losing control is not as terrifying as it seems.

Jagger Stone has finally become a patched member of the Heaven Hill MC, something he was truly wanted. Walking away from parents who were more sanctimonious than loving, Jagger has now found a true sense of family with his biker brethren. After meeting Bianca, a waitress at Wet Wanda’s (a stripper club), Jagger has discovered that being a member of the local biker club is not the only thing he desires. Jagger is immediately drawn to Bianca and sets out to prove to himself that he can have his biker family and the woman of his dreams on the back of his bike.

Bianca Hawks has always taken care of herself. Not having the easiest of upbringings, Bianca has learned from a young age that she is the only one that she can truly depend on. She is working hard to put herself through school and complete her degree to become a teacher. When she meets Jagger at Wet Wanda’s under some embarrassing circumstances, Bianca shies away from the gorgeous biker who is a regular at the club when he plays for the audiences there. When Jagger comes to her rescue one night when her car breaks down, she finds herself indebted to him. Jagger decides to take advantage of that fact and wants payment in the form of spending time with her. With that, he slowly breaks through her defenses and Bianca finds herself falling hard for Jagger. It seems that Jagger is not the only one losing control.

Bianca is now at the tail end of her schooling and her dream of becoming a teacher is finally within her grasp. Having Jagger come into her life seems like icing on the cake. Just when it looks as if Bianca’s life has turned for the better, her dreams are threatened bringing Jagger and the Heaven Hill MC to the forefront for her protection. Bianca finds herself in the throes of danger but for the first time in her life she feels supported and safe. The romance between Bianca and Jagger is very sweet and sugary. Jagger is a devoted gentleman right from the start and even though they have some hurdles to overcome, you never once doubt how strongly they feel for one another and how committed they are.

All in all, Losing Control was a good read and a nice addition to this series. You can easily get caught up in the Heaven Hill MC family. Despite being bad-ass bikers, the men are genuine and have a wonderful sense of family. This is a pretty decent biker series if you are a fan of reading the genre. While it is not the best series I’ve read when it comes to the biker realm nor is it as gritty and raw as some other series, the characters are intriguing and the love stories are sweet and heart-warming. Definitely worth the read.