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Out of Darkness - Review

Out of Darkness  - Laramie Briscoe, Lindsay Hopper, Kari Ayasha

3.5 Stars


Out of Darkness by Laramie Briscoe is book two in her Heaven Hill series. After reading the first book in the series (Meant To Be), I was looking forward to this book. I am happy to report that I really enjoyed this read. We get a sexy and mysterious alpha-hero, a strong yet broken heroine and a beautiful storyline about overcoming a trauma and healing.


We met both Meredith Rager and Tyler Blackfoot in the first book in this series. Meredith was a nosey news reporter attempting to break a huge story involving the Heaven Hill MC as well as another motorcycle club. Meredith was in way over her head not realizing the danger she was putting herself in by taking on two notorious motorcycle clubs. It all came to a head one night when Meredith was attacked, beaten and raped. Tyler is the one that found her and took it upon himself to care for her during her recovery. The pair had a tenuous relationship at best prior to the attack; however, there was always an underlying attraction between them.

All Meredith could feel, when she could actually feel, was the pity. The fear. The emptiness. When would it ever change?

Fast forward a month or so later and Meredith has all but moved into Tyler's room at the club compound. Tyler has been with her every step of the way not leaving her side. He even sleeps on the floor, giving up his bed nightly. While Meredith has physically recovered from her attack, she continues to struggle with nightmares and feels extremely emotionally unstable. Meredith sees a therapist on a regular basis in an attempt to help her move past the one horrific night. I really admired Meredith's tenacity to come to terms with her attack. I believe that Ms. Briscoe did a wonderful job in depicting a victim of rape. There was no simply solution as to what was going to make Meredith "better". She simply had to take each day as it came and slowly work through all her emotions and vulnerabilities.

"Do I make you nervous?" she asked after the long beat of silence had passed between them.

"You scare the fuck out of me," he admitted on a laugh.


"For every hurt I've ever had, I've been provided with happiness. For every hard year I've had, I've had one that was wonderful. It's all about perspective. As long as we're together, baby, nothin' else matters."

Tyler Blackfoot was simply a knight in shining armor. Albeit, he is one that is heavily involved in illegal activities; but, he was a white knight nonetheless. He was patient, strong and caring. He was essentially what Meredith needed. Tyler knows that Meredith is special and he is determined to help her heal and be in her life from hereon out. I loved how Meredith and Tyler's relationship slowly progressed into something strong and beautiful. While the pair definitely had a connection prior to Meredith's attack, there was no insta-love. Tyler respected Meredith's boundaries and waited until she was ready to pursue the romantic side of their relationship. Meredith was the one that needed to call the shots.

Although most of this book deals with Meredith and Tyler, there are a few sub-plots regarding the club politics and regarding some other club members which may lead to future books in the series. We also get to catch up with Denise and Liam from book one. Some major changes take place in the club and I am interested to see where this author takes this series in further books.

All in all, Out of Darkness was an enjoyable read. I did feel that at times the dialogue was a little stilted; however, you can easily see the improvement in Ms. Briscoe's writing from the previous book to this one. Will I read the next book in the series when it comes out? Of course. I am intrigued. I am hoping the next book is about Jagger. Hint, hint!!!! ;)

"Then you never have to worry. We've pulled you out of darkness, baby, and you're never going back. That's a promise."