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Meant To Be - Review

Meant to be - Laramie Briscoe

3.5 Stars

When I decide to pick up a new book that is both a freebie and an author I am unfamiliar with, I get a little nervous. Or is it excited? No..nervous. That's it. Nervous.


With the above being stated, I would like to report that Meant To Be by Laramie Briscoe was one that I enjoyed.


Meant To Be is the first book in the Heaven Hill series and it revolves around the Heaven Hill MC. While this book was certainly not the harshest biker book that I've read, this author did not pull any punches either. There were some intense scenes that definitely may be uncomfortable for some readers. This is essentially a book about a motorcycle club that lives by its own terms, whether you think it's right or wrong, and an innocent woman who gets caught up in their fold.

Denise Cunningham’s life has not been an easy one. She had twins when she was a teen and was then abandoned by the father who was an abusive ass-hat. Her family was not supportive and Denise found herself living alone and pregnant. Since then, she has struggled to make a life for herself and her two children. Recent events have left Denise feeling helpless once again and when she is approached by her co-worker's brother to participate in some illegal activities, she has no choice but to accept his proposition. She needs the money to keep her family afloat. What Denise does not realize is that by agreeing to help out the Heaven Hill MC, that the life will fully engulf her leaving her no way out.

William Walker, Jr. (a.k.a Liam) has been born and raised to take on the legacy of the motorcycle club his father started. He is the vice president of the Heaven Hill MC. When he is left with no choice but to approach a struggling single mom and have her do some of the club's lackey work, this task leaves a bad taste in his mouth. He does not agree with bringing in outsiders to do the job the recruits can do but he also can not go against the orders of the president which is his father. Liam's innate goodness and soft heart has him taking on the role of protector when it comes to Denise and her two children. He will do what it takes to ensure that they will stay safe.


Denise and Liam's relationship slowly grows into something more. Liam finds it hard to ignore the single mom who fights for her family and can't help but admire her strength and tenacity. He is in awe of her determination when many would have given up. Liam is the one that brings Denise slowly back to life. She has been living for her children for so long that it was nice to see her embracing her inner vixen and diving into a relationship for herself. Needless to say, Denise has been navigating dry and barren land and Liam has no problems bringing in the water. ;)

Despite the fact that Liam's club was highly involved in illegal activities, I found it hard to not like him and the other members of the club. We are introduced to many intriguing secondary characters and I am looking forward to future stories in this series. I did have an issue with how easy it seemed for Denise to bring her kids into the fold of the motorcycle club world, especially one that so obviously participated in illegal activities. I found it hard to believe that a mother who had raised her children on her own would have no issues leaving the children in the care of club.

All in all, Laramie Briscoe does a great job setting the stage for this new series. Meant To Be You is a great start to a series which I am sure will be packed full of suspense, action and hot and steamy. I will definitely be reading the next book in the series once it is out.

It was obviously meant to be.