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Into the Storm - Review

Into The Storm - Melanie Moreland

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4 Stars

Into the Storm is the debut novel of author Melanie Moreland. It is about two very broken individuals who somehow manage to find a safe sanctuary in each other under some less than ideal circumstances. Two lives irrevocably changed by a thunderous snow storm. Two people who find the courage to face their greatest fears and learn to break free and live again.

Joshua Bennett is a famous reclusive writer who lives a very lonely and isolated life. Haunted by the memories of an incident that changed his life forever, Joshua is traumatized and trapped unable to be the man he once was. Fear grips him to the point that he now struggles with agoraphobia. Joshua has essentially removed himself from civilization and now lives a quiet and solitary life with only his dog, Bear, as his constant companion. When one huge storm brings an unwanted guest crashing into his property, Joshua finds himself having to care for the beautiful stranger. Unfortunately the terrified woman has no memory of who she is or how she ended up on his property.

A woman escaping from a life that she doesn’t remember. Elizabeth James (a.k.a. Rabbit) awakens from a terrible crash having no memory of who she is or how she ended up driving around in a dangerous snow storm. Completely terrified and badly bruised and beaten, she has no idea who the stranger is intently watching her. Is he the cause of her memory loss and injuries? How did she end up on his property with no identification to be found? Can she trust the man who is carefully observing her every move?

Joshua and Elizabeth find themselves trapped by the storm and completely isolated from the rest of the world. As they begin to spend time with one another and slowly share things about themselves, a fragile trust develops which soon leads to a deep friendship and love. At first Joshua attempts to keep the mysterious woman at arm’s length as he knows that someone has to be looking for her and it will only be a matter of time before she leaves. But, he finds this an impossible task as his Rabbit’s quiet strength and caring demeanor call to the inner depths of his soul. Joshua’s gentle nature and beautiful heart have Elizabeth falling hard and never wanting to leave the confines of the property she inexplicably ended up at. Soon the real world comes forth and both Elizabeth and Joshua find themselves dealing with threats to their new peaceful existence. Can they overcome all that is against them or will they have to let go?

I really enjoyed the suspense when it came to this book. As all the pieces slowly came together and began emerging from the darkness, my heart broke for Joshua and Elizabeth. Both had definitely been dealt a harsh hand at life with what they have had to endure. With this being said, what called to me the most about this book was the beautifully written love story of Joshua and Elizabeth. There was just something so pure, innocent and utterly beautiful about what they found in each other. They both helped the other find love and life. I have no doubt that Joshua would have continued living a lonely existence had it not been for Elizabeth’s appearance in his life. And, as for Elizabeth, I would hate to have seen what happened to her had she not taken steps to remove herself from her life and ventured out into the storm that one fateful night. They were the light in a world of darkness that they both lived in prior to their encounter. What Joshua and Elizabeth found in one another was pure and uncompromising love. It was heart-warming and brought tears to my eyes. This is definitely one of the more heartfelt love stories I have had the pleasure of reading.

All in all, Into the Storm was a beautiful and tender romance which starts out as a big puzzle and we then see slowly start to unravel. I did feel that some parts of the book were a little too drawn out and overly long, especially more towards the end. I did not get to the point where I started skimming but I do think that some parts could have been shortened or removed all together. I really enjoyed this one and the wonderful love story between Joshua and Elizabeth is one that has made an imprint on my heart.

*A copy of Into the Storm by Melanie Moreland was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.