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Drive Me Crazy - Review

Drive Me Crazy (Girl Next Door) - C.C. Wood

"Jesus, woman, you drive me crazy."

I huffed out an almost silent laugh. "The feeling is mutual," I said.


Drive Me Crazy by C.C. Wood is the third and last novella in her Girl Next Door series. Each book centers around one of three friends - all of which are feisty and snarky females with boats loads of sass. This book was yet another fun filled read and turned out to be my favorite in the series. Perhaps it was the sexy and macho Latino male who is our lead hero. Can we say D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. Oh yeah!

Amy Bennett has taken chances on bad boys all her life and it always ended in disaster with her heart shattered on the floor. She is determined to go against the grain and settle for safety and security. Therefore, our girl Amy finds herself dating safe, boring and pleasantly attractive Grayson. When Amy finally admits to herself that the spark with Grayson simply isn't there, she ends things with Mr. Mundane. Enter Troy Castillo, Amy's new neighbor. Troy is everything that Amy has fallen for in the past. He screams bad-ass and the numerous sexual trysts that Amy happens to overhear definitely point to the fact that Troy is a player of mass proportions. Amy decides that it would be best to limit any encounters she has with Troy and decides to keep her distance. However, appearances can certainly be deceiving and Amy discovers that you should never judge a book by its cover. As Amy's world is turned upside-down with numerous pranks and threats aimed directly at her, she finds herself being protected by said Latino hottie. Safe and caring don't always come in a right and proper package. Sometimes it comes in a sizzling hot Latin package.

All in all, Drive Me Crazy is a quick and funny read with some great hilarious and flirtatious banter. You have a sexy alpha male determined to prove that he is exactly what Amy needs and wants. We also get to catch up with Natalie and Cat and their men from the previous books. Sometimes a novella leaves you wanting so much more from the story. I think C.C. Wood provides a great balance. Yes, these books are on the short side but we are given a great storyline with awesome characters. I for one was not left feeling ripped off. These books are perfect when in the mood for a shorter book that will leave you feeling happy.