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Frenemies - Review

Frenemies - C.C. Wood

3.5 Stars

Frenemies is the second book in the Girl Next Door novella series by C.C. Wood. Just like its predecessor in the series, this book is short and sweet. This time the focus is on Cat and Patrick. Cat is Natalie’s best friend and Patrick is Aidan’s brother, the couple from book one.

Cat Johnson has just witnessed her best friend get married and is now house sitting for the happy couple while they are away on their honeymoon. While Cat is happy for her best friend, she does not foresee that type of happiness ever happening for her. She has been burned in the past and is unwilling to let herself be that vulnerable again. This snarky and sassy spit-fire is happy with relationships that don’t dig too deep and that have an expiration date. Enter Patrick Hart. He is charming and sexy as all heck. The pair did not exactly hit it off when they first met but that does not stop an undeniable attraction from sizzling between the two. While Cat is determined to stay away from Patrick, the laid back and charismatic male has other plans. Cat discovers that it is hard to resist a sexy alpha on a mission to have her. Can she finally allow herself to completely open up and give love a chance? Will Patrick be able to win over the stunning red head?

I really enjoyed this book. While I did like the first book in the series a little more, Frenemies is still a funny and entertaining read perfect for when you are in the mood for a shorter novella type book. Cat and Patrick have some serious chemistry and I loved watching Patrick break down all the carefully erected walls that Cat had up around her heart. Score one for the hot and sexy alpha-male.

Moving on to book three in this series.....