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Knights' Sinner - Review

Knights' Sinner - Bella Jewel

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Knights’ Sinner is the third and final book in Bella Jewel’s MC Sinners series. But damn this book was good! This author has written an edgy and raw tale packed full with action, deceit, loyalty, a tender-hearted romance and scorching hot sexy times. Seriously, I am still thinking about the awesomeness of this story. Frankly, this entire series is a must read.

We get to know Jackson a little in the first two books in the series. As the President of the Hell’s Knights MC, Jackson takes care of his family and has the responsibility of the club on his shoulders. Having been burned in the past by a woman he loved, our sexy President lives a life which is somewhat solitary. He seeks pleasure when he wants it but he lives alone and is not really looking for a long term commitment. His life revolves around his club and MC family. Jackson seriously had me right from the start. He’s dirty, real, raw, domineering, kinky and rough but he also has a caring, gentle and loving nature that we especially see with his adult daughter, Addison (from book one). Jackson is a man’s man and he had me all hot and bothered for pretty much the entirety of the book. *wink, wink* When a badly beaten young woman suddenly appears at the club premises seeking their help and protection, Jackson and the other bikers automatically do all they can to help her.

Serenity stumbles into the compound of the rival biker gang on a deadly mission. Badly beaten by her father who is the President of a rival club, she is being forced to spy on the Hell’s Sinners and obtain information for her father. Serenity is shocked when she is taken in and given shelter and food immediately. Having lived with dangerous and violent bikers her entire life, she is stunned to see the people belonging to the Hell’s Sinners being so kind and gracious to her. This isn’t normal behavior for a biker gang, is it? Serenity soon discovers that not all bikers are evil and she sees firsthand how this particular club is a true family full of kindness, loyalty and love. How in the hell will she ever be able to betray them and offer them up on a platter to her bastard of a father?

As Jackson and Serenity spend more and more time together, their attraction becomes harder and harder to ignore. Jackson is attempting to keep the beautiful, innocent and sweet woman at a distance as he sees how damaged and scared she is. He also believes that he is too old for her (Jackson is 39 years old and Serenity is 25 years old). However, there is only so much a man can take when temptation is constantly staring him in the face with an unparalleled sweetness like he is a hero of some sort. Serenity develops strong feelings for Jackson and is drawn to his strength and his gentle demeanor with her. When the pair finally do share some hot and heavy times between the sheets the electrifying and erotic sex they have only serves to cement their bond even further. But what will happen if Serenity’s big secret comes to light? Is Serenity even willing to risk what she has found with Jackson?

I absolutely loved Serenity and my heart broke at how hard of a life she has been forced to live. Even though she has a monster for a father and has been forced to endure things that none of us should, there is this sweetness and complete innocence to Serenity that you can’t help but fall in love with. She was the perfect sweet to Jackson’s gruff nature. Also, who knew that she would be into Jackson’s kink? I just have one word for that – H.A.W.T. This book does get very intense and real and there were moments that literally broke me, had me holding my breath and then flat out sobbing. Serenity and Jackson’s story is one that will tug at the heart strings as well as leave you panting (in a good way).

All in all, Knights’ Sinner was a wonderful end to this series. It solidified just how much I have come to love all the characters from this incredible biker world. I am looking forward to the novella due to come out in December about Muff. He is definitely a character that has left an impression on me. Can’t wait to get more of him and his incredible “skills” with the ladies.

***A copy of Knights' Sinner was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.