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Friends with Benefits - Review

Friends with Benefits (Girl Next Door) - C.C. Wood


Friends with Benefits is the first book in C.C. Wood's Girl Next Door series. I read C.C. Wood's book Bite Me a few months ago and loved it and decided that I wanted to try out more from this author. While Bite Me is a full length novel, the books in this series are shorter novellas. With this being said, I enjoyed this first book immensely. It was short, sweet and a perfect feel good book.

Natalie York is a little scathed and a little bitter when it comes to men. After her last relationship, Natalie decides that she has had enough of the male species for a time. Enter Aidan Hart, Nat's new sexy and tempting neighbor. After the pair meet, Aidan makes it known that he wants a casual relationship with Nat, friends with benefits if you will. Despite the fact that our lovely heroine is one to get attached and usually enter into relationships with the intention of developing a lasting bond, Nat agrees to Aidan's proposal and the pair commence their steamy liaison. Things become more complicated when their relationship proves to be more intense that either one of them could have imagined. Feelings develop between the two and the friends with benefits lines are blurred. Can Nat move past her relationships failures from her past and learn to trust in her feelings for Aidan? Can the two of them make it work for the long haul?

Friends with Benefits is a short book but that did not prevent me from getting into both Nat and Aidan and their relationship. C.C. Wood did a great job with this short novella giving her reader enough to become emotionally invested in the unfolding romance without the storyline being too rushed. All in all, this is a well written novella that will leave you happily smiling at the end. I am looking forward to the next book!