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If Only - Review

If Only - Cherise Sinclair

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If Only by Cherise Sinclair is book eight in the Masters of the Shadowlands series and is yet another reason why this author is an automatic buy for me. I can’t seem to get enough of the sexy and domineering Masters and the feisty and mischievous subs that make up Club Shadowlands. We finally see Sally get her story in this book. I have always loved the sassy and impertinent Sally and was definitely anticipating this read, especially since discovering that she would be getting two sexy Masters who also happen to be FBI agents. But damn this book did not disappoint! Sexy and erotic as hell and emotionally gripping, this is unquestionably one of my favorite storylines in the series.

Sally Hart has been a trainee at Club Shadowlands for quite some time. She is sweet, sassy, boisterous and definitely knows how to push the buttons of each and every Master. Sally’s life has kind of spiraled downward ever since she got into a bad relationship with a Dom who did not belong to the club. Now that she is finally done with her bastard of an ex, she is back at the Shadowlands; however, she is no longer the same Sally that everyone knows and loves. Sally has become more subdued and not even being back amongst her friends has helped her downtrodden attitude and moodiness. What Sally does not realize is that even though she has “played” with many of the Doms in the club, she has never completely submitted emotionally. She never expected that it would take two powerfully dominant Masters to finally help her break free and leave herself vulnerable enough to completely submit.

Galen Kouros and Vance Buchanan have recently been made Masters at Club Shadowlands. These sexy FBI agents have made numerous appearances throughout the series as they were the head investigators in the continuing Harvest Association fiasco. Galen and Vance have always intrigued me right from the start, more so when I discovered that they like to do everything together. Yes ladies….everything. They live together, work together, and are co-Doms together. While the pair is definitely not gay, they do like to share a sub. Two for the price of one if you will. They, along with the other Masters, notice that Sally is not the same sub since her reappearance at the club. They decide to take it upon themselves to help the little subbie out. While their attempts are met with much resistance from the spitfire sub at first, Sally is soon melting in between them leaving all three ponding the “rightness” of their ménage.

However, it is not all butterflies and sunshine for our kinky trio. Sally, Galen and Vance have emotional baggage from their pasts that they must overcome. Furthermore, we have not seen the end of The Harvest Association. With lives being lost and the deadly group on the search for vengeance, Sally and her Feds must battle their inner demons along with going head to head with an organization that has caused copious amounts of death. Will they fight to secure a happily ever after or will they all go up in flames?

All in all, If Only is a must read if you are a fan of this series. And, if you have yet to read this series or even a book by Cherise Sinclair and you are a fan of BDSM books, then smack yourself and get on it. This author does an incredible job transporting her reader into a world where the music is hypnotic, where the crack of a whip or the smack of a flogger can be heard all around you and where the scent of leather and sex surrounds you. Ms. Sinclair has created a series that she manages to keep fresh and intriguing with a family that you will fall in love with and will simply want to read about over and over again. I love the fact that you get to catch up with all the Masters and their beloved subs in each book. I for one adore this series and, with the introduction of new characters and changes within the club in this book, I’m excited for more books in this series.