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Go Fetch! - Review

Go Fetch! - Shelly Laurenston
“Miki held up a tennis ball, looked at Sara’s new Pack, and tossed it out into the forest away from the ongoing rave. They all watched it go, then they turned back to Miki.

“Okay. Go...”

Sara and Angelina slapped their hands over their friend’s mouth before the word “fetch” could come out of it.

Go Fetch! is book two in Shelly Laurenston's Magnus Pack series. Telling the story of yet another feisty female with no verbal filter and a sexy, head-strong viking alpha wolf-man, this second installment is just as funny and smoking hot as its predecessor. I am beginning to think that this author is a master at the craft of combining hilarious banter, crazy characters and sizzling erotic scenes.

We meet Conall Viga-Feilan in book one as part of the Magnus Pack and Zach's best friend. Known for his viking good looks, easy demeanor and love for the ladies, Conall has been unable to get a certain vertically challenged and ill-tempered woman out of his head. To make matters worse the woman in question is the best friend of his alpha's new mate so never seeing her again is out of the question. When a new and unknown threat appears and poses a danger to his pack as well as Ms. Mean-Spirited and Sassy, Conall decides to take on protection duty. If he can't walk away from her, he is going to do his damnest to claim her.

We also meet Miki Kendrick in the first book in this series. With the discovery that one of her best friends is a wold shifter and is now mated to the alpha of the Magnus Pack, Miki is thrust into an unknown world of shifters and danger. Miki has not had the easiest life and has learned to keep herself guarded and to never trust in love. As she prepares to defend her thesis to finally obtain her Ph.D, Miki is adamant that she has no time for relationships and sex. So why can't she stop dreaming about a certain sexy viking wolf-shifter who leaves her panting?

"God, did I jack off in my sleep again?" This wasn't a mental disorder was it?


When Miki must attend at her university in a different city to defend her thesis, Conall follows her....for her own protection. Miki's attempts at keeping Conall at arm's length go unnoticed by the big lug. Conall won't stop until he has Miki screaming in pleasure in his arms. As the pair spend more time together and Miki finally gives in to Conall's lust-filled advances, they both discover that more is at stake than their need to scratch an itch. Can Conall be the one who Miki finally lets in past her carefully guarded walls? Can Miki be the one who accepts Conall in all his intense glory and can she handle his out of control ways?

Go Fetch! was simply another reason that I am glad that I picked up this series. If you have yet to read this series and are a fan of funny paranormal books, this is a must read!