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Mine to Keep - Review

Mine to Keep  - Cynthia Eden


Mine to Keep by Cynthia Eden is book two in her Mine series. This book continues with Skye and Trace's story and picks up where book one, Mine to Take, leaves us. I love Skye and Trace. Having reconnected after ten years apart, we see them overcome some crazy obstacles in the form of an obsessed psycho in book one. Right from the commencement of their relationship as teens, the pair knew that the bond they shared was powerful and true. After all they go through you would think that happiness would finally be with in their reach. After all, they deserve some sunshine and fluffy unicorns for a change. Nope. Trace has demons from his past that have come back to haunt him and Skye’s life is once again in danger.

Back from their tropical island get-a-way, Skye and Trace have somewhat recuperated and moved on from their horrifying ordeal at the hands of Skye’s crazy ex-boyfriend. Trace is still very intent on keeping Skye near and claiming her all for himself. However, secrets from Trace’s past begin to resurface and he is once again put in a defensive mode trying to protect the woman he loves. He will stop at nothing to remove this new threat from their lives. Skye is not happy with the fact that Trace has not shared everything with her about his mysterious past. She wants all of him and that includes all the deep, dark secrets that he desperately holds on to. When Skye demands to know it all, Trace has to decide whether he can risk it all and finally opening up all that he has kept hidden from Skye. Will Skye still want to be with him when she knows it all? With everything out in the open is forever even in the cards for them any longer?

Mine to Keep is yet another intensely paced book full of suspense, intrigue and quite a number of erotic good times. Cynthia Eden keeps you guessing right until the end throwing in some delightful twists and turns that will keep you reading. I will admit that I did have a hard time getting into this book at the start but once I got into the story and began to discover more about Trace’s past, I could not turn the pages of my kindle fast enough. Trace is still passionately obsessed with Skye which borders a little on the psychotic; but, that is why we love him. Right? I loved watching Skye develop more of a backbone as well. She became more of a partner with Trace in this book, seeking more independence and holding her own against a powerful alpha male proving that they do indeed belong with one another.

All in all, Mine to Keep was a heart-pounding read. If you are a fan of this author, you will likely not be disappointed with this book. I am looking forward to reading the next book about Noah, one of Trace’s friends from his past. Another deliciously secretive and powerful male. Bring it!!!!