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Mine to Take - Review

Mine to Take  - Cynthia Eden

He'd make sure she didn't escape from him.

No one could come between them.

Not now.

Not ever.

He'd see Skye dead first.



Obsession. Compulsion. Need.



Skye Sullivan had her dance career ended by a tragic car accident, one she suspects was not an accident at all. She has moved to Chicago from New York to put the past behind her and to start a new life. When she begins to feel that the danger that surrounded her in New York has followed her to Chicago she goes to the police. With no evidence they could not do much to help her. Skye has no other option but to approach the one person she never thought she would see again. The person who ripped her heart to shreds so many years ago. The only person who can help her now.

Trace Weston never expected to come face to face with Skye. When she shows up at his office begging for his help, he knows that he will never be able to let her go again. Trace and Skye first met while they were both in foster care. They developed an intense relationship that led to a deep first love. When Skye's career as a promising ballerina started to take off and a move to New York was imminent, Trace knew that he would have to let her go. Trace moved on and went into the army; however, he never forgot the only woman who had made her way into his heart. Now as the owner of Weston Securities, a major security firm mostly dealing with corporations, Trace has the means to help Skye and keep her safe. Little does Skye know that this will not be a temporary arrangement. Trace let her go once. That will not happen again.

The plot that ensues is a thrilling, fast-paced, suspense-filled ride in which Trace and Skye try to find out who her stalker is. Cynthia Eden does a great job keeping her reader guessing. With so many suspects, can Skye trust anyone? My only criticism is that I wish this book was longer. Due to the short length of the novel I never connected with Trace or Skye as deeply as I wanted to.

If you are in the mood for a quick read that will leave you on the edge of your seat, give this book a go.

Have you ever wanted something so badly...that you couldn't think about anything else? All you feel is need. An endless desire that churns through you.