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Enraptured - Review

Enraptured - Alannah Carbonneau

Enraptured by Alannah Carbonneau was a freebie that I picked up. Whenever I decide to give a freebie a go I never truly go in with high expectations. Well, I was pleasantly surprised with this book. It turned out to be a great book with a hero that left me swooning. This book is about two individuals who seem so wrong for each other - an innocent beauty and the damaged beast. So, why do they seem to fit together so perfectly?

Ella Grayson's life has forever been changed with the death of her mother and father. They not only left her with a heart full of grief as she mourns their loss, but they also left her to deal with the financial mess they left behind. Trying to get through college now becomes only one part of her life. She now has to work in order to pay bills and keep her head above water. In her desperation, Ella decides to work at a nightclub in hopes that the job will help her earn enough to survive and save up for another year of college. At the nightclub she meets Dace, one of the co-owners. With a reputation that can rival the devil himself, Ella is weary of her new boss and decides to give him a wide berth. Little does she know that he will be having none of that and soon immerses himself into her life.

When Dace Demi is a notorious player who loves them and leaves them. He's a hard-edged guy used to fighting his way through life. Life has definitely thrown a few punches at Dace but he does what he knows how to do - he punches back...harder. When he first meets Ella, he is not willing to allow her to work at his nightclub. She is too innocent for the likes of him and his world. When Ella shows some backbone and pleads for the job, Dace relents. Something about Ella calls to him and he can't seem to stay away from her.

Dace pushes his way into Ella's life like a bull on steroids. He knows that he is not good enough for her but he can't seem to stop himself from spending time with her, protecting her and caring for her. Ella attempts to keep things platonic with Dace thinking that she would just be another notch on his bed-post; however, the more time they spend together and the closer they become Ella begins to see Dace as someone special. Ella has always dreamed of a white knight who would give her all that she has ever wanted so why is her heart clamoring for this damaged and intense guy with so many secrets? When their feelings come into the open and secrets are revealed, can Ella and Dace survive?

This book was a sweet love story that sort of reminded me of Beautiful Disaster in some ways with less intensity. I loved how Ella and Dace remained friends for quite some time, even though the lines were often blurred between them. Dace was not expecting to fall for the sweet and innocent girl who walked into his nightclub looking for a job but she was everything he never thought that he needed in his life. She treated him differently. She acted differently than others around him. She made him feel worthy. Ella and Dace slowly became everything to one another - someone they could not live without. The way Dace treated her so preciously had my heart melting.

Enraptured was definitely an enjoyable read for me. I really enjoyed getting to know Dace and Ella and watching their love story unfold. I did have a few issues with the book. I felt like when Dace's big secrets were revealed, they were not that big of a deal to warrant the reaction that Ella had. It all felt a little to over the top and melodramatic. Further, if you are a stickler for spelling and grammatical errors, this book may bother you. I can usually overlook such mistakes when I am enjoying a book but I did notice quite a number of spelling errors, missing words, and grammatical mistakes. Overall, I am happy that I gave this book a try. I am hoping that this author now will write a book about Damon, Dace's brother. I would sure like more of those Dem brothers!

"Are you happy, Angel?"

How couldn't I be?" I smiled up at him. "I'm in paradise."