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Knots - Review

Knots - Chanse Lowell

DNF @ 49%


Jeanie has just lost her husband and her world is falling apart. The loss of her husband has forever changed her life but she is grieving for different reasons than one may suspect. Although she had an amiable relationship with her husband, she felt trapped in a marriage that was an epic fail for her. Now she feels like she is responsible for the death of her husband and she also feels like a traitor amongst his grieving family. Jeanie has no idea how to act, what to feel or how to even mourn the loss of her husband properly. She is utterly lost.

Mark comes to his best friend's funeral to grieve his death but also to be there as a support for Jeanie. In the short time that Jeanie and his best friend were married, Mark could not help feeling a connection with the woman who was claimed by another. Now that his best friend is gone, Mark is determined to be there for Jeanie and to perhaps express how he truly feels about her. Mark wants to introduce Jeanie to his world, a world which he feels she will fit perfectly into. And, he is determined to prove it.

Knots by Chase Lowell was a book that sadly did not work for me for a few reasons. From what I gathered from the 49% of the book I did end up reading, this book is about a woman who slowly learns to discover who she truly is and embrace the repressed and hidden desires that she has long kept at bay. I was a little uncomfortable with the fact that Mark and Jeanie started things so soon after her husband's funeral. Mark commences almost immediately attempting to convince Jeanie that they are perfect for one another and that she is a submissive deep down who only wants to please. He keeps reinforcing the fact that he knows how to make her happy if only she would just allow him in so he can take over. I truly had no issues with any of this; however, the book felt more like a tutorial about the BDSM lifestyle and for this reason I hard a very hard time relating to the characters. There was a lot of dialogue about why Mark's BDSM lifestyle was better suited to Jeanie and why she was not happy with vanilla. Mark kind of rubbed me the wrong way with how he always assumed he knew exactly that Jeanie needed. Further, Jeanie was a complete mess. One moment she is wondering what the heck she is doing with Mark and then the next moment she is giving in and getting down and dirty. I simply could not get into this one.

I am positive that Knots is a book that will appeal to other readers, I simply could not finish it. Perhaps if the focus was more on what Jeanie was going through internally due to the death of her husband and her guilt for not having the perfect marriage with him and not on the hows and whys of why BDSM was for her, I would have had more of a connection with her and Mark. I wish this author all the best. This book was just not for me.