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Chasing Dreams - Review

Chasing Dreams (Devil's Bend, #1) - Nicole Edwards

3.5 Stars

Chasing Dreams is Nicole Edwards’ new contemporary romance book. It is also the first in the Devil’s Bend series. While this book is not nearly as hot and kinky as this author’s previous works, Nicole Edwards delivers a solid romance with a super sexy country singer and his country girl. There is still plenty of steam all wrapped up in a swoony romance.

Tessa Donovan is the twenty-nine year old owner of The Rusty Nail, a small hometown bar in Devil’s Bend. Tessa has a troubled past with some serious heartache added in when her husband of fifteen months passed away in the line of duty. When Tessa finally pulled herself from the grief of losing her husband and took a chance on another relationship, fate had other plans when the asshat douche started slandering her reputation all over town when she ended things. Now, Tessa lives a very guarded and lonely life. The bar she owns is enough for her to keep going and living her life. She is quietly chasing her dreams never really taking a chance. Tessa is a woman who may have dreams of a different life; however, she is unwilling to put herself in a position where another man can hurt her again. All her hard edges are tested when a famous country singer saunters into town. Tessa’s world shifts off its axis. Can she hold on or will she keep running?

Cooper Krenshaw is a famous country singer at the height of his career. He has it all – legions of fans, living his dream of being a singer, and loads of money and prestige. So, why is he miserable? When he speaks to an old friend, Adam (Tessa’s brother), he decides to go to Devil’s Bend to play at The Rusty Nail. He is tired, burned out, and desperately needs a break from the music world. Going to a small country town to play at the local bar is just what he needs to escape. After all, he started out playing in similar small town bars. Going back to his roots is just what the doctor ordered. When Cooper meets Tessa, he quickly realizes that his stay in Devil’s Bend may not be quite that short.

Tessa and Cooper are instantaneously attracted to one another. Despite their combustible connection, Tessa is determined to keep Cooper at bay considering she believes he is only in town for a short time. Cooper is not easily put off. He is just as determined to pursue things with the beautiful country girl. As they get to know one another, both discover that they have more in common than they could possibly have imagined. Can Tessa and Cooper follow their hearts and take a chance on each other?

The road to happiness does not come easy for Tessa and Cooper. Both have a past that needs to come forth with a great deal of honesty. Tessa has been betrayed in the past and trust does not come easy for her. Having this famous singer come into town and take over the dreams she has been chasing for so long is a lot to come to grips with and is a test to the fragile trust the she slowly develops with Cooper. Cooper walks away from a life of fame craving tranquility and peace instead of lights and screaming fans. Is this new life something that he truly dreams of or is he running from his obligations and the burdens that come with being in the public eye? As Cooper and Tessa go through the ups and downs of their relationship you can’t help but cheer them on and hope they can overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.

Like I mentioned above, this book is a little lighter on the signature sexy scenes and kinky erotica that I have come to love in this author’s other books. With this being said, Mr. Cooper Krenshaw can still melt any woman’s panties.

See....H.A.W.T. While Chasing Dreams was filled with a story line that focused more on the love, romance and passion growing between Tessa and Cooper, there are still plenty of downright sexy scenes that will have you fanning your nether regions.

All in all, Chasing Dreams was an enjoyable read. Why the 3.5 star rating then? Well, for me the book was a little slow moving at times and I did find myself struggling to get through some parts. Perhaps it was because Tessa fought against her feelings for quite a while. Other than this book