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Amaury's Hellion - Review

Amaury's Hellion  - Tina Folsom

Amaury's Hellion is book two in Tina Folsom's Scanguards Vampires series. I read book one quite some time ago and remembered liking it. I am glad that I decided to pick up this series once again. I really did end up enjoying this second installment.

Amaury LeSang is a vampire with a "gift", although he considers it more a curse. A tragedy in his past led to him being able to sense the emotions of others. While some may consider this "gift" something to be envied, for Amaury it is nothing but pain and torture. The only time he can have some sort of relief from the bombardment of everyone's feelings is through sex. Therefore, my friends, Mr. Sexy Vampire has sex. Lots of sex. Oh yeah! While his closest friends consider him a sex fiend, they know nothing about his pain and how he seeks peace for even small amounts time. What Amaury is unprepared for is a sassy human female to penetrate his defenses and come into his life. Her presence alone provides him with blissful silence. Now, the only issue is whether he can trust the little hellion.

Nina Larken has not had an easy life. Losing her parents at a young age forced her and her brother into the foster care system. Nina learned quickly that she could not rely on anyone and that she needed to protect her brother and keep him safe. Now, years later, Nina is on a mission. She has accidentally discovered that vampires are indeed very real and that they had something to do with the death of her younger brother. Nina is hell bent on seeking revenge. She throws herself into destroying the vampire race, or at least those she deems as being responsible for the death of her brother. When she sets her sights on her first victim, Amaury, she is unprepared for the undeniable attraction that courses through her veins. How can she even be attracted to one of them????

Amaury forms part of the well oiled machine that is Scanguards Security. They just happen to be the group of vampires that Nina is determined to eradicate. When Amaury and Nina cross paths sizzling explosions of attraction shoot off into the sky. However, trust does not come easy for the pair. When it seems like they are fighting for justice on opposite ends of the scale, new revelations may claim otherwise. Can both learn to trust in their bond and connection? Can they trust in what they are feeling for one another even when all the evidence points to treachery?

All in all, Amaury's Hellion is a sexy vampire tale intertwined with some humorous delights. I love how Ms. Folsom has a knack for throwing in just the right amount of funny into her erotic and fast-paced stories. If you decide to read this series, you go in knowing that you will get some great writing, funny banter and a whole lot of sexalicious fun. This was a great smutastic escape.