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Beauty Becomes You - Review

Beauty Becomes You - Skye Warren

Beauty Becomes You is the fourth and final installment in Skye Warren's Beauty series. It is a fantastic ending to the series as we see Blake and Erin come full circle. They have had to overcome some obstacles to be together. They have also had to deal with internal demons and push them aside. Watching them fight to be with one another and stand strong is one of the reasons why I became so invested in this four part story.

As the summer semester comes to a close and Erin's graduation looms infinitely nearer, the risk of getting caught becomes too much and Blake insists that they remain apart until Erin graduates. At that point they can make their relationship public and move forward. With a few unexpected turns, the pair desperately wait for the day where their time apart finally comes to an end. Blake continues to be the sexy as hell, protective and caring man that I have grown to love.His outer scars have made him vulnerable but as he has now immersed himself in the outside world once again, he has become more like he once was. He is gaining confidence and a determined and passionate man is coming forth full force. Erin has also grown so much since she first started things with Blake. She trusts in him and their relationship. They both have each other as they reach for their forever and the stars.

All in all, Beauty Becomes You ended off this series of short installments on a perfectly romantic and beautiful note. Erin and Blake's story was a sweet, tender and passionate one. This series is also sexy as all heck. Definitely a great series of short stories. Definitely a pleasure to read.