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Broken Beauty - Review

Broken Beauty - Skye Warren

Broken Beauty is the third installment in the Beauty series by Skye Warren. Matters get ramped up exponentially as things become more complicated for Blake and Erin. Their relationship is threatened by exposure. Something that would put Blake's reputation and career in danger as well as endangering Erin's Master's degree. Can their love overcome these new obstacles which seem insurmountable?

Despite the threat to their deepening relationship, Blake and Erin continue to connect and grow together. As they become even more stable and comfortable with one another, we see a stronger and more dominant Blake emerge. And, let me tell you...it is yummy! I love how domineering and commanding he is getting, no longer afraid that Erin may not be able to deal with that side of him. Erin is also coming into herself a little more. We are seeing a more confident woman come forth, one who wants her Master's degree, a career and Blake.

I will once again iterate that I am really loving this series. Skye Warren is doing an incredible job drawing me in despite the length of these short novellas. Each installment gets better as we get deeper into Blake and Erin's feelings for one another. Each book becomes even more passionately erotic as we feel how much they mean to one another and how they are so in-tuned with the other's needs. I can't wait to see how their story ends. Bring on the final book....