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Changed - Review

Changed - Aline Hunter


Changed is the second book in Aline Hunter's Wolf's Den series. You take a sexy and determined beta werewolf wanting to stake his claim and throw in a feisty and equally as determined human female hell bent on rebuffing hot werewolf's advances and what you get is one sexy sexy sexy read. This is an Aline Hunter book after all.

Be prepared for a whole lot of this....


Alrighty then! Moving on.


We met Declan Schroder in book one of this series as the beta werewolf
for Jackson's pack. He's a pretty laid back kind of wolfie man always giving the mated couples in his pack a hard time. He takes his responsibilities as beta seriously despite his carefree ways. His world gets turned inside out when Rachel comes into the picture. Declan immediately recognizes the human female as his mate and his inner wolf is desperately wanting to claim her as his. Why, then, is the stubborn female not succumbing to his advances?

Rachel Gentry is a tough girl. After all, having a disaster as a mother she has had to take care of herself for as long as she could remember. She depends on no one and the only true friend she has is Chloe (Jackson's mate from book one in the series). Rachel may not take after her mother but the one thing her mother has instilled in her is a fear of the supernatural world and the unknown. Having her best friend now a werewolf has her uneasy but she is not willing to cut Chloe out of her life. What is is unwilling to do, however, is accept Chloe's new pack mates. Why then does she find herself thinking about the sizzling hot wolf-man who does not seem to understand the word "no"?

Declan knows that Rachel's fear of his world is keeping her from giving into their undeniable attraction. He is willing to take things slow with her until she is ready to come to grips that she is his mate and he will not be leaving her be. An attack by a rogue werewolf has Declan advancing matters with Rachel for her safety. Once he has a taste of his mate, however, there is no going slow. There is no more denying his wolf the pleasure of claiming his mate. Rachel slowly begins to understand that her connection with Declan is real and she is no longer able to walk away from the sizzling hot man. As their link gets stronger and stronger and Declan introduces Rachel to all the sensual pleasure that come with being mated, will Rachel be able to come to terms with everything that comes with being the mate to a powerful werewolf?

All in all, Changed was yet another sizzling hot and erotic book by Aline Hunter. I continue to truly enjoy the world this author has created int his series. The dynamics between the packs that made up part of the storyline in both book one and this book continue as the third book in the series is set up beautifully. I am excited for the next book. Shane is an intriguing and hot as hell wolf-man that has me growling. The next book can't come fast enough.