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Consequences - Review

Consequences  - Aleatha Romig



Never in my entire life have a I read a book that left me feeling so ANGRY, CONFUSED, REPULSED, EMOTIONALLY DRAINED AND JUST.......JUST.....


Bravo Ms. Rothig! Bravo!


Let me just start by stating that Consequences by Aleatha Romig is no light and fluffy read. It is likely one of the most sinister books that I've read..... EVER. My mind is still reeling and trying to take in all that I've read. I'm still unsure whether to think whether Ms. Romig is a genius or a cruel and perverse individual. Frankly, I'm leaning more towards genius..... I think. I can honestly say that this book did not sit comfortably with me. It was such an exhausting mindfrak! That was the point, wasn't it Ms. Romig???

Do not go into Consequences thinking that you will get a HEA. It is simply not a book that will provide you with one. I was ok with this. This book is about a psychotic, possibly mentally unstable, monster who is hell bent on revenge. He takes this beautiful and vivacious twenty-six year old woman and slowly breaks her. Anthony Rawlings is a successful, handsome individual who was also a stalker and a predator. At no point did I wish for him to be redeemed and/or change for Claire's sake. No! I loathed him right from the beginning and my hatred for him only increased as I kept reading.

Her life was no longer in her hands, and she was somehow coming to terms with that.

Claire endures more that what is imaginable at the hands of Anthony. She is kidnapped, violated, raped, abused and so much more. Claire is expected to accept her new lot in her life and simply succumb to her abuser. Anthony has approached his "dealings" with Claire like he does everything else in his life - he has planned and plotted and has left his opponent with no choice but to cease and obey. At first he only presents himself to Claire as a heartless exploiter but over time as Claire begins to do as he asks he handles her with care and gentleness. He shows Claire what she thinks is love. This dichotomy in Anthony's behaviour and character leaves Claire confused and frustrated. How can she fall in love with the same monster who violated her? I have to admit that most of my frustration with this book came from Claire's actions. WHY THE HECK DID YOU NOT SCREAM BLOODY MURDER THE FIRST TIME YOU WERE IN PUBLIC WITH HIM? WHY DID YOU NOT SEEK HELP? However, the more I thought about this the more I realized that I have never been in the situation that Claire found herself in. Who is to say that I would not act the same way? After all, Anthony Rawlings is a master manipulator!

Follow my rules: number one, do as you are told, do not divulge personal information, actions have consequences, appearances are of vital importance, and public failure is not an option.

Consequences is all about how actions have an effect and therefore consequences - good or bad. What happens to Claire is a consequence.

I need to admit that the first half of the book was much more riveting. After the huge "accident" everything seemed to spiral into this huge pit of unbelief and frustration. As the storyline progresses, I felt that we were provided with unnecessary and needless information. Claire's inner ramblings did get tedious at times and I was so angry over the fact that she simply would not fight back that I am not certain how my kobo was not thrown across the room! What actually saved the book for me was the ending. Yes, it was a shock! But the best thing was that we finally see Claire's backbone come back and we finally get some hope that REVENGE will take place. Yes... SWEET REVENGE!


Needless to say, I am anticipating book 2! I need it now!

Consequences is an insane ride. If you are in the mood to be put through the ringer, give this one a try. Now I now need to go off and read something light, fluffly and freakin HAPPY! You hear me.... HAPPY!!!! Gah! The end!