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At Last - Review

At Last  - Jill Shalvis

I have come to the conclusion that to read a book by Jill Shalvis is essentially a guarantee that I am going to love what I am reading. At Last is no exception. I loved it! Simple as that!

At Last deals with the love story of Amy and Matt. Although this did not dampen my love of the book, I found that I did not connect with Amy as much as some of the other heroines in Shalvis’ previous books in this series. We got to know Amy a little in the previous book (Lucky in Love) and we see that Amy keeps herself apart from other people. We discover that she has had a tough past and trust is a colossal deal for her. She has been a run away teen and has lived on the streets. Again, a past that would be difficult for anyone to deal with, let alone a teenage girl. Amy finds herself in Lucky Harbor, following her beloved Grandma's journal and hopes to follow her Grandma's path that included many hikes through the gorgeous mountains when she found her heart, and some peace. Amy wants and needs that badly.

Matt is yet another swoon-worthy male from Lucky Harbor. Sigh! He has also had a troubled past – not like Amy, but troublesome and taxing nonetheless. Since Amy’s arrival in Lucky Harbor, Matt has felt an attraction to Amy but she's so skittish that he's just biding his time until he makes a move. But one afternoon leaves Amy lost in the forest and Matt coming to her rescue and it's the start of a tentative relationship for them. What starts out as just sex, turns into so much more, but trust is a big issue for them both, and these two stubborn people have a long way to go for their HEA. I loved watching Matt and Amy unwittingly break down each other's walls. Once both protagonists finally let their walls come down, the story essentially ends. I would have liked to see a little more (maybe one more chapter) of Amy and Matt living out their HEA. I suppose they will appear in the next book of the series.

At Last sparkles with genuine warmth and humor and is a strong addition to a consistently fantastic series. If you are looking for a great feel good love story, you really need to stop in Lucky Harbor because you are guaranteed to find love.