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Lucky In Love - Review

Lucky in Love  - Jill Shalvis

I’m not going to say anything new here. Jill Shalvis is an amazing author and simply kicks-ass. This is yet another great installment to the Lucky Harbor series and I loved it. Shalvis has this great talent to tug at your heart strings and it most definitely shines through in Lucky in Love.

With the exception of Chloe, I think Mallory has been my favorite heroine in this series so far. She was someone I could really relate to in all her sweet innocence. I love how she tried to be the “bad girl” but simply could not continue to go through with it. Despite this, she found her backbone throughout the development of her relationship with Ty. It was such a great thing to read. Ty, oh sweet baby Jesus, Ty, Ty, Ty! He is simply a wonderfully-written tortured hero. I am such a sucker for the tortured hero and Ty is no exception. He is still so broken when he ends up in Lucky Harbor. I loved the growth that happens with him and how his relationship with Mallory not only changes her but him as well.

Like all Shalvis books, this one was no exception and had its share of laugh out loud moments. I will end with the one that had me laughing for quite a long length of time.

“Hydrogen, helium, lithium -”

She stared at him. “What are you doing now?”

“Listing the chemical elements so I can answer the door without a boner.”

“And knowing my mother is on your porch isn’t taking care of that?”

“Good point.”