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Head Over Heels - Review

Head Over Heels - Jill Shalvis



“I’d be worth the inhaler,” he said, then forced himself to walk away into the night.

She did it again! Yes, Jill Shalvis did it again ! She wrote yet another wonderful installment to the Lucky Harbor Series. I just gotta say, Head Over Heels has been my favorite book of the series so far. I have loved Chloe right from book one and have been anxious to read her story. I absolutely LOVED her and Sawyer together.

Chloe is this quirky, free-spirited spit-fire; however, deep down inside, she wants what we all want, to be loved and accepted. She may not realize it at the beginning but she is yearning to give up her wandering ways and put down some roots.

I love Jax and Ford; but, Sawyer..... DAMN! He is most definitely my favorite! Sawyer is the town sheriff. He has reformed his bad-ass ways from his misguided youth. I loved the fact that Sawyer is this rugged alpha-male who was all about control; however, when it came to Chloe all control went out the window. She discombobulated him. I loved it! It made for some great scenes!

Chloe and Sawyer heated up the pages. The first two books were hot, but not like this. There is just something about Sawyer that exudes utter sexiness and rawness. Some of the steamier scenes in this book left me with images that I will not soon forget. I’ll just have to think of outdoor showers and painting and this will put a smile on my face.

I am seriously addicted to Jill Shalvis. I’m absolutely loving this series. I’ll say it again – READ THESE BOOKS!