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Simply Irresistible - Review

Simply Irresistible  - Jill Shalvis

Simply Irresistible was the first book I’ve read by Jill Shalvis. I absolutely loved it! This book was just so darn cute . I am now an adoring fan of Ms. Shalvis! This book was everything a contemporary romance should be – funny, witty, charming, sexy, sweet.... Yes, I could go on and on.

Our heroine, Maddie, arrives in Lucky Harbor due to the fact that her recently deceased mother has left her and her two half sisters an inn. For me, Maddie was such a great character. I loved her. I wanted to be friends with her. Despite her past struggles, she is in Lucky Harbor trying to change and make a new life for herself. She is so sweet and adorable. The fact that she is a walking clumsy disaster just added to her charm.

Then we have Mr. Jax Cullen. Ladies, tell me this is not the sexiest name you have ever heard! Say it with me.... JAX CULLEN..... Sigh!!!!! He was the perfect hero. He connected with Maddie right from the start and was nothing but patient, sweet, charming, sexy, and so on with her. Seriously, Jax Cullen is just plain HOT !!! He is a simply a bundle of thoughtfulness, dependability, kindness, intelligence and loyalty. I loved how much he cares for the people of Lucky Harbor and the way he teased and flirted with Maddie. He becomes someone that Maddie could depend on despite the fact that she has sworn off men. The fact that Jax wears a tool belt and rides a bike just added to the many layers of his sheer hotness!

I loved the relationship building that went on between Maddie and her two half sisters, Tara and Chloe. They did not grow up with one another and as the story progresses it is lovely to see how the sisterly bond gets stronger. Some of my favorite moments in the book were with Maddie and her sisters.

Jill Shalvis writes characters that are flawed, have a lot of layers and are complex. For me, all the characters were real! They have their problems, they hurt; however, they also deal and move on. The fact that I connected at such a level with the characters of this book is something that I am attributing to Shalvis’ great writing.

Ok, so now I have to read the remaining books in the series. Here we go....