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Play With Me - Review

Play With Me  - Kristen Proby

Holy shit, he’s good at this kissing stuff. His lips are soft, yet firm, and that somehow makes perfect sense to me.

Kristen Proby has delivered another winner with Play With Me. I am now convinced that Ms. Proby can write one hell of a sexy hero. From Luke, to Nate and now Will....yes the stub muffins keep on coming. Yee haw!

We meet Meg McBride briefly towards the end of Fight With Me. She has a brief encounter with Jules and Will where she expresses some serious animosity towards Will. Play With Me begins with Ms. Proby giving us the reason as to why Meg is hostile towards Will. The problem is that Will was instantly attracted to Meg and is very intrigued. Therefore, when events bring them together once again Will is in hot pursuit of this allusive beauty.

Megan McBride:

I loved Meg as a herione. To me, she was so genuine. She is a nurse working at the Seattle Children's Hospital in the cancer ward. She has a difficult job, but she loves it and she works hard. She gave up her career as a singer/musician when her best friend Leo moved to L.A. leaving her behind. Meg has had to overcome a harsh childhood and has dealt with the people who she has loved most in the world abandoning her. She definitely has trust issues not readily opening her heart to anyone. Will challenges her and even though she had a hard time voicing her feelings for him, he was simply too hard to resist.

“When I take you, you’ll know exactly what we’re doing, what you’re feeling, and I won’t stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name.”


“I want to slowly undress you and taste every delectable inch of you. I want you squirming and wet.”

Will Montgomery:

“You need to understand, Megan, once I make love to you, you’re mine.”


“You are mine, damn it. I will protect you from anyone and anything, do you understand?” His eyes are narrowed, one mine. “I don’t need your permission to make you safe.”


“You are mine, Megan McBride. Don’t ever forget that.”

Seriously, Will is yummy! He is one of the four Montgomery brothers who all seem to be made from the sexy gene pool. He is a hot athlete who can be a famous arrogant ass at times but when push comes to shove, Will is all sweetness and protectiveness. Will is essentially living his dream as a football star. He's worked hard to get where he is and life for him is all about the game. That is, until he meets Megan McBride. Meg takes him by surprise when she so vehemently rejects him upon their first encounter. Frankly, Will is not used to hearing the word "no". When he sees her again at Jules' and Nate's engagement party, he is determined to break through her cold demeanor. Let me tell you, Will can be persistent. Meg did not stand a chance.

“Aren’t you getting sick of me yet?” I ask lightly, wrinkling my nose.

“Yes, I’m terribly sick of you. You eat too much, hog the bed, and cheat at video games. Not to mention, you require way too much sex. But, I’m muddling my way through.”

Will and Meg are so cute together. Here is your American hero who falls for a beautiful rock chick who has a heart of gold. Will knows that Meg is someone who he can see a future with. He's not one to fall into easy relationships but he sees Meg as special. From the beginnings of their relationship, Will wears his heart on his sleeve. He's deeply romantic and puts out all the stops when it comes to winning Meg's heart. Will also has a deeply possessive side and is all about protecting his girl. Yes, you ladies can all sigh right about now.....SIGH! There were many scenes where Will simply kept winning me over, repeatedly. Meg takes a while to finally get past her apprehensions and doubts, but when she finally does we are left with singing hearts and a beautiful HEA.

Kristen Proby has once again provided a very romantic tale with little angst and a whole lot of hot and swoony in Play With Me. I love the fact that we get to catch up with the other couples from the previous books and get more hints as to the other characters for future books. I am hooked. I freakin' love this series and am highly anticipating Leo and Sam's book which is coming up next. Yippee!