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Come Away With Me - Review

Come Away with Me - Kristen Proby

3.5 Stars

"Time flies when you're with someone beautiful."


Come Away with Me by Kristen Proby was a very sweet love story. I am talking rainbows, sunshine, puppies, cute little kittens...you get the picture. With this being said, I honestly enjoyed this book. For me, it is nice to read a book with little angst every now and again. Sometimes I just need a lovely romance where boy meets girl, lots of hot and steamy sex ensues, they fall in love, get married, babies, marriage, old age....lalala. Kristen Proby has provided a tender romance that had me smiling and sighing. Yes, I am a sap! Trust me, I really am!



Natalie first encounters Luke while she is taking pictures one morning on the beach. Luke approaches her and demands that he give him her camera. Oh yes, the boy is pissed! The thing is, Natalie is unsure why this handsome stranger is enraged with her. Frankly, she thinks she is being mugged. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, Luke realizes that Natalie has no idea that he is a famous actor (or was one) and she really was taking pictures of the scenery. Needless to say, the man becomes intrigued. So ensues the beginnings of their sweet romance. Luke loves the fact that Natalie is not with him due to his fame and fast becomes smitten with this beautiful sassy woman. Natalie also falls fast and hard for the charming and utterly gorgeous man who has her heart beating faster.

I've fallen in love with a beautiful, sexy, sweet, jealous control freak. Shit."

Luke was definitely bossy and he was most definitely swoony. I loved how determined he was to make things work with Natalie. He knew a good thing when he saw it. He spoiled Natalie incessantly and was so devoted. Natalie let her carefully guarded walls drop with Luke and was instantly enthralled with the sexy Luke. Their relationship progressed rapidly. Some may not have liked this but I took it for what it was. This is a romance. Sometimes it is fine to step away into the unrealistic and have a relationship progress fast and furiously. Come Away With Me is not a book where you will encounter a lot of drama and angst. I loved that. Like I indicated before, I enjoy reading a book that is light and easy at times.

Natalie, I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I would do it again, over and over."

All in all, Come Away With Me is a sweet debut novel that you should read when in the mood for sweet and breezy, a book without the excess drama and angst. It left me happy and all tingly and I am very much looking forward the future books in this series. Bring it!

"Thank you," he whispers.

"For what?" I whisper back.

"For being mine."