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Mystery Man Review

Mystery Man  - Kristen Ashley

So begins a new series with yet more hot alpha-males to swoon over and dream about. Sheez! I thought KA outdid herself with the hotties portrayed in the Rock Chick series. I. Was. So. Wrong. Oh yah!!!

It goes without saying, but, yes... I’m going to say it... I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was simply fan-freaking-tastic! If you are debating whether you should jump on this bandwagon and give this book a whirl, here are my reasons why you should definitely read this book now:

1. Cabe “Hawk” Degaldo. He is hot. He is domineering. He has dimples. Dimples! Enough said!

2. Gwendolyn Kidd. She is hot. She drinks cosmos and eats lots of cookie dough. She has not only one, but two other supremely yummalicious men after her. Oh, and she has a kick-ass name. LOL.

3. Hawk and Gwen together. Sparks and butterflies people!

"You're in deep with me, aren't you baby?" I whispered my question just to confirm."


4. Tack. I know lots of people here on GRs have quoted this; but, I just have to do the same. I think I fell in love with Tack at this precise moment.

"Are you here to freak me out in any other way?"
"This would include asking me for a date," I warned.
"Babe, don't date," he replied.
"You don't?"
"Do tequila shots followed by 5 hours of sex count as a date? he asked.
"Um... no," I answered.
"Then I don't date."
I smiled at him.
Then, stupidly, I asked. "You can have sex for 5 hours?"
He smiled at me.
Moving on."

Needless to say, I can’t wait to get to Tack’s book.

5. Mitch Lawson. Ok, yum!

"Mitch," I repeated and his hand came up to cup my jaw so I blurted, "Please don't kiss me. I like kissing and if you're a good kisser that'll definitely muddle my head. No joke. And, honest to God, I don't need that right now."

His head dipped toward me, I braced but his face stopped an inch away. "Okay, honey," he whispered, "I won't kiss you but just for your information, I've had no complaints."

I bet he hadn't. "Great," I muttered. "Now I'm curious."

Again, I can’t wait to get to his book too!

6. Meredith. She is just pure awesome but the moment she had with Gwen at the anniversary party was one of the many moments in this book where my heart simply burst.

7. Elvira. KA needs to write Elvira her own book. Her and Shirleen!

Mystery Man is yet another reason why I love KA. Could her books do with some editing... yes. It is not about that for me. She is one amazing storyteller and she excels at drawing the reader in. Plus, no one writes an alpha-male like she does. No. One.