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Wild Man Review

Wild Man  - Kristen Ashley

Let me just start by saying that I would have given this book 5 Stars just for the cameo appearances of Vance alone! :) Vance is in my top 5 of KA favorite heroes! Sigh! HOWEVER, Wild Man deserves the 5 Stars on its own merit as well.

Right…. Moving forward!

Wild Man was more tame and subdued in the action-packed arena if you compare it to any of the Rock Chick books or even if you compare it to Mystery Man. I loved it! I love the fact that KA focused most of the book on the relationship between Brock and Tess. It was sweet. It was lovely! And, yes, ladies... it was hot and steamy! Wink, wink!

I turned my head so my lips were at his ear and no lies, no masks, no bullshit, no games, I kept whispering when I told him, “I love you, Brock.”

I absolutely loved Tess. She is a no-nonsense, no playing games type of woman. She really is sweetness personified but also comes into a bit of a backbone throughout the story. It was beautiful to see and it made for great reading as we see the developing relationship between her and Brock blossom despite crazy ex’s, crazy friends and even crazier family.

Then we have Brock. I thought it would take me a while to warm up to him. But, no! It didn’t. He had me right from the get-go! Yes he was rough around the edges, but the way he handled Tess with such care and with no bullshit games was simply amazing. He became the protective, understanding and compassionate man that Tess needed due to her past. They were just perfect for each other. They both learn to trust again and they helped heal one another. Beautiful!

I loved this part:

"Babe, he took your power. Tonight, you took it back. And it..." his arm gave me a squeeze, "was," his hand gave me a squeeze, "fuckin'," his forehead dropped to rest on mine, " beautiful."

I closed my eyes and pulled in a deep breath.

Then I opened them and said, "You had my back."

"I always have your back."


Let’s face it, with Brock came a lot of family drama. Like mucho drama! Even with all of this, Tess accepts his sons and falls in love with them as well. They deal with a lot but in the end they come out of all the drama stronger and with their heads held high. Such a great story!

This was yet another GREAT read by KA. Does she write any wrong? Seriously!

By the way, was I the only one who craved baked good while reading this book???? Some of Tess’ creations had my mouth watering! LOL!