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REVIEW - Breaking a Legend

Breaking a Legend - Sarah  Robinson

4 Stars!


Breaking a Legend is the first book in Sarah Robinson’s new series entitled Kavanaugh Legends. This is a sexy and sweet love story for new adult romance lovers. Set in the Woodlawn neighbourhood in the borough of the Bronx in New York, this novel is about two individuals both running from different things and finding something profound and special in one another. Will they have the courage to let down their carefully erected barriers and pursue their profound connection? Will what they share be the catalyst for change that they both desperately need?

Rory Kavanaugh, the most infamous and oldest of the Irish Kavanaugh siblings, was once a legendary MMA fighter with nothing but fame and fortune to bask in. That is until a grisly leg injury took him out of the game and left him drowning in the dark world of addiction. Even with intense physical therapy and a long recuperation period, Rory knows that he will never fight professionally again. His family is wanting nothing more than to intercede; however, will this push Rory away even further from them and the gym, Legends, that they own and are a part of?


“Every new day here in Woodlawn, she felt like she was becoming someone different. Or maybe she was just finally being who she wanted to be, instead of who she had been told to be.”

Clare Ivers is a recent transplant to Woodlawn. Moving to New York all the way from California, Clare is running from a past that she does not want to catch up to her. She’s trying to start over but has no idea if she will have to pick up and leave as quickly as she came. Keeping her distance and remaining in the background remains hard when she meets the Kavanaugh clan. And, when the oldest Kavanaugh alpha starts paying close attention to her, Clare can’t deny that she feels the same sizzling attraction burning between them. Even though the sexy ex-fighter makes her heart bit faster, is she ready to jump into a relationship and take the risk? Has she finally found the safe haven in Rory’s arms that she has always longed for?

“You’re the sweet little lamb who wants to fix the big, bad, broken wolf.”


“He liked Clare, and he had no intention of breaking her heart. What he wanted was to possess it.”


“He found himself wanting to remember who he was, and he had a feeling that he could do that only through her eyes.”

Both Clare and Rory’s lives are somewhat of a mess for different reasons. When Clare comes into Rory’s life, he can’t help but want to make the necessary changes and finally start to move in a better direction with his life. Clare is the shining and bright light that he had no idea he was looking for. What starts out as seduction and a fragile and tentative friendship soon blossoms into more. But secrets have a way of coming to the surface when one least expects. Can Clare open up enough and tell Rory about her past? Is she strong enough to stay in Woodlawn and get involved with someone who has his own demons weighing him down?

Told from a dual point-of-view, this book is a lovely romance. Yes, things did move rather quickly for Rory and Clare but I was fine with this. I loved how protective Rory was when it came to Clare and seeing him act like a “gentleman” was a cute thing to watch as I was certain this was completely out of character for him. Clare was this genuinely sweet girl who got mixed up with the wrong person. Her past may not be pretty but I loved how she was trying to move on with her life and make. Rory was a force to be reckoned with. He had to qualms about how vocal he was when it came to how much he wanted Clare. The broody and volatile fighter easily pushes his way in, past her walls. It is hard for anyone to stay indifferent to Rory’s intensity, and Clare was no different. With this being said, Rory did become someone Clare could depend on and trust but he also became someone who showed Clare how strong and resilient she truly is. Clare blossomed from this reserved woman with shattered self-esteem who was stuck in the past into someone who could stand on her own two feet and embrace who she is.

“Why do you look like someone just shit in your cornflakes?” Casey popped up beside her, analyzing her expression. Clare said nothing, but Casey followed her gaze to where Rory was standing. “Ah, so Rory is the cornflake shitter?” Casey ribbed.

I also loved the relationship that developed between Clare and Casey (Rory’s cousin) as well. Casey was this spit-fire who manages to stick her nose into everything, particularly when it comes to Rory’s personal life. She provided some great comedic relief. Same goes for the other Kavanaugh siblings. I can’t wait to see them each get their own book as they fall prey to the power of love.
One thing that I did enjoy was the banter between Clare and Rory and I also liked how this author portrayed the sexual tension between our two protagonists. Let me tell you, the sizzling attraction that the pair shared was enough to melt the panties of anyone. Give me an aggressive alpha-male any day of the week!

“Ah, vanilla.”

“You’re sniffing me now?” She began to cross the street nudging him.

“I’m an overstepping acquaintance. I have no boundaries.”

All in all, Breaking a Legend was a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed. While the plot was interesting and well-paced, I will admit that this book did not grip me as much as I’d hoped. There were times where the writing was a little disjointed, repetitive and cumbersome. For instance, mentioning the last name of Clare’s ex-boyfriend every single time he is brought up was not necessary. What came across exceptionally well was Clare and her fears and struggles. I loved her character. I also really loved Rory. After all, a gorgeous and intense ex-MMA fighter with a soft heart has me standing at attention any day. ;)


****An advance reading copy of Breaking a Legend by Sarah Robinson was generously provided to me via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.