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REVIEW - Never Say Never

Never Say Never (Sniper 1 Security) (Volume 2) - Nicole Edwards

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4.5 Stars!

“You know what my motto is, right?”

“What’s that?” RT asked, his eyes briefly darting to Z’s mouth and then back up to meet his eyes.

“Never say never.”


Never Say Never by Nicole Edwards is the second book in her Sniper 1 Security series, and also the first MM romance in this series. If you know anything about this author you know that she tends to write about copious amounts of sexual variations (MF/MFM/MM, etc.) and you also know that her books are hot as fuck as we watch each of the characters Ms. Edwards creates succumb to passion and love. I am certainly a huge fan! I love getting wrapped up in a sexy romance with enough emotional turmoil to fulfill any angst lover. This book definitely fit the bill as we watch two stubborn alpha-males clumsily forge a path to a happy forever.

Thirty-two year old Ryan Trexler is slated to be the one that takes the reigns of his family’s company, Sniper 1 Security. He’s dedicated to the company, so much so that there is room for little else in his life. Having been burned in the past by an ex-lover, it’s easier for Ryan to simply focus on his job and devote all his time to making sure that everything is running smoothly. Ryan may believe that he has everyone fooled; however, his family can see that he’s been lusting after one of Sniper 1’s long-time employees. Ryan has learned to never again mix business with pleasure so there is no way he will act on his feelings towards his sexy employee – no matter how tempting he is.

Thirty-one year old Zachariah “Z” Tavoularis has been employed by Sniper 1 for over a decade. He’s loyal to the core and an integral part of the Sniper 1 team, even with rumors regarding his playboy reputation being a constant source of amusement for everyone. Z has hidden his secret longing for RT about as good as RT has. Z’s a patient man though. He’s just waiting for the time when his too-serious employer lets down his guard enough for the two of them to explore the explosive chemistry between them.

When an assignment has RT and Z working in close proximity with one another, will they keep things strictly on a professional level or will the temptation to give in simply be too much? Will they complete the mission in tact or will RT continue to ignore his feelings and push Z away?

RT and Z certainly have a few obstacles to overcome. RT has a lot of guilt over how his professional life got so messed up with his ex-partner and he is too scared to take the plunge once again, especially someone he works with and sees on a daily basis. RT realizes that deep down he wants nothing more than to be with Z and show him the man he truly is, a man that wants so much more out of life than work. However, there is too much at risk and RT stubbornly fights his impulse to let go and give in. Z wants RT desperately and is determined to show him just how great they can be together. He has had enough of RT keeping him at a cool distance and proceeds to pursue RT with a steely determination. However, how much can a man take when the object of his affection and lust keeps pushing you away?

RT and Z’s story was a sweet one. However, it did come with some frustrations. One of those frustrations was RT. Holy hell, there were moments that I wanted to punch that guy right in the junk! I did have some sympathy for him considering all that he had endured in his previous relationship and I did understand his hesitation; however, he was just SO STUBBORN! Gah! I wanted Z to tie him to a bed and have his wicked way with him until RT admitted his feelings. Ok...yeah...that’s just my inner perv talking. Although, I do think that would have worked. ;)

All in all, Never Say Never was a wonderful installment to this series that I am now hooked on. I have yet to read the first book in this series which is something I will be correcting immediately. I always find that when reading Nicole Edwards’ series, it is best to read in sequential order as each story more or less flows into one another despite the fact that each book highlights a different couple. I love how Ms. Edwards revisits all of the characters in each book and we get to see how their lives are progressing. This is one of the key elements that makes her books and series so wonderfully addicting. I truly enjoyed seeing RT and Z find their way. It was heart-warming, frustrating, sexy and passionate. All that it should be when we are in the throes of fervent love.

****An advance reading copy of Never Say Never by Nicole Edwards was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.